12v battery replacement

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I have my twizy in for service today and they have said the front battery is corroding and needs replacing for £180!! They said only the main 60v battery is covered by the lease warranty but this smaller 12v battery isn’t. Anyone shed any light on this or are Renault trying to pull a fast one?

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They are correct in telling you the 12v battery isn’t covered by the traction battery lease agreement.

Depending on the age of your Twizy it may be covered by the 4 year warranty?

Failing that it’s an easy job to do yourself and would only cost around £50.



My twizy is 3 years old so will the 12v battery come under the warranty?

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I thought it would be a consumable and not covered but others have had it replaced under warranty.
Is it corroding ? in that case it should be a warranty job as it wasn’t fitted correctly or is not fit for purpose.

Press them and then let us know. It is a simple job to replace and certainly not £180.

I just paid 60 delivered for exact spec battery, it’s 2 bolts to take off front and 2 bolts to take off batt cover then 2 on terminals.


I am totally useless with any sort of installation/ repair/DIY and would a right mess. They showed me today where the battery was corroded and can fit it on Friday morning. I never knew there was another 12v battery. I thought everything was powered from the main 60v battery.

You can’t get easier than this to swap and it’s a good place to learn.

Where are you based, happy to help if close to Surrey

Thanks so much for the kind offer but I am miles away in Huddersfield West Yorkshire!

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Oh, miles away. It’s an easy swap…happy to do step by step pics if you want

Thanks again but I won’t have a clue. I am really that bad. I call a joiner to our pictures up and put a chair up. I’m going to pay pay over the odds £180 and get it done. Was just concerned they whether it was a) under warranty and b) whether the £45 battery lease covered it.

Thanks again

Exide are now allowed to sell the Twizy battery direct, which previously was only available from Renault dealers, hence why we have all been robbed blind in the past. Battery shop have it for £49.99 see

GoGreen Autos have put this really helpful video on YouTube


There is also really good video on YouTube explaining in easy steps how to remove and replace the 12v battery. I found it very useful when I removed my battery to connect it to a battery conditioner. The video even tells you which tools you need, including which of the Torx bits you need for the terminals. Sadly I cannot now find the video!

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I have had a look and it’s beyond a simpleton like me. It’s all booked in tomm for the rip off price of £180!

To update- anyone interested in purchasing exide 12v replacements - a bulk order price of £44.20 including delivery to UK.
I have one as a spare which I am just installing - so will be ordering some in the near future.
Exide themself are out of stock and their manufacturing priority understandably changed with Covid.

Another one bites the dust.

yep the accessory batteries don’t seem to last very long in electric cars…

3 replacements in the twizy in 7 years.

1 replacement in the smart for4 ed in 3 years.

2 replacements in the renault zoe in 6 years.

my trusty rusty classic minis get a new 12v battery every 4 years :rofl:

That is interesting to know others cars have similar troubles.
I’m trying a purge charger to see if I can breathe some life back into it - tops out about 11.3v at the moment. Cant get hold of a new exide for love nor money at the moment. :joy: just hope it’s not a sign my charger is on the way out…

I have a solar setup that sorts most batteries or makes them smoke :sweat_smile:

14.7V into a dead battery :innocent: