2016 Twizy 5000 miles £4000

(Ben Herron) #1

So good news and bad news, good news we’re expecting TWINS in June, bad news the Twiz is going to have to go to make way for an i3 or something with 4 seats.

2016 registered model. Black/White. Doors.

It’s literally coming up to it’s end of 4 year warranty/our 3 year battery lease, so would be good timing to get it gone around March. It’s booked in at Renault Crewe end of Feb for it’s end of warranty check over & service & first mot, can try to move this earlier if need be.

Has 5000 miles on it, comes with twizywindowsuk plexiglass windows. This has however meant there are some scratches on the front 3/4 see through panels, which i may/may not be able to buff out.

Was brought from a dealer who used it as a showroom demo, so had it since 43 miles.
Other than that it’s only had a 12v and hazard switch changed.
I can also provide a Powerbox bluetooth V2 if price/timing is right.

£4000 (inc vat)
You will need to sign battery lease (£45 for month)
Located in Nantwich, Cheshire


(askho) #2

Good price for someone looking for a Twizy

(Ben Herron) #3

Thanks, yeh i’ve seen some silly prices for used Tiwzys, I’m open to offers too for an easy sale.

(askho) #4

I don’t think it’s silly prices. It’s a demand and supply situation. It’s worth what someone is prepared to pay. Yours is a particularly good price and a good buy for someone looking for a Twizy.

(Matt) #5

Ben, please can you call me on 07970 868688