A Twizy 45 for my son when he is 16


(Julianh) #21

Did no one read my mail about how bad a twizy is in a crash? Front on, not too bad, side on, forget it.
I’m 52 and road wise, done the IAM, but there is no way I’d put my child in one. They don’t have the experience. Buy them a NCAP 5 class 1 car. It’ll be cheaper to run, and most importantly safer. That’s assuming you don’t want your child to have an accident

This is the URL about Quadricycles generally

This has the Twizy’s rating 2 out of 5

compare them to the citigo, 5 out of 5

but if you don’t care about your childs safety that’s not my problem.

(osbrook) #22

At 16 they could ride a moped or drive a Twizy. I know which I would rather be on/in. Side impact in the Twizy is far less pain full than when I got hit on a Motorbike. Also family friend was killed by a side impact on his Motorbike. He was an Advanced rider and was not riding the bike for fun (train strike).

Twizy is better on Black ICE. Okay the Twizy may cost more to fix than a Moped but it is safer.

That’s why they care about their child’s safety and agreed it is not you problem. Not mine either as both of mine drive bigger vehicles and neither had Moped, even though I rode a Motorbike at the time.

(Julianh) #23

I think this is where parenting comes in. My sons were both told they can have a car at 17, no mopeds or similar. The first crash I saw, about a week after passing my car test, was a decapitated motorcyclist. It’s not the bike rider its the other idiots. I’ve never forgotten that image, I wish I could.
Both my sons passed their tests at 17, then the week after started their advanced lessons. I work on the principal if I’ve done everything possible the rest is up the them.But put them in a twizy at 16, no way.

(Sebastian Krigholm) #24

My Yamaha R6 is safer from the front and rear. Especially in winter and snow. Why compare twizy In tests designed for cars? This is nevertheless a sure motorcycle

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You know nothing about my family or circumstances - publicly berating me as a bad parent is not in the spirit of this forum and is frankly just rude.

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Hi, it seems to be sold now but it was in autoscout I think