Accidentally switching on full beam

(James Cook) #1

Has anyone else found that they accidentally switch on the full beam when using the indicators?

I’ve noticed that twice now I’ve been driving around with my full beam on without realising. It’s a little too easy to switch on for my liking!

(James Cook) #2

@Stuart @m1n1s @Marmite have either you noticed this?


Hi, funny you say this, when my husband drove my EQ for the first time (with me on the passenger seat, for the kind of test drive), he did it twice and made comment. After that he hasn’t driven much so cannot compare though.

He is left handed and has rather big hand - if it makes any difference? It never happens to me!!

(m1n1s) #4

yep its easy to do , a feature of smart design :joy:


I’ve not had this trouble, thankfully - in fact I actually love the EQ’s full beam switch! :slight_smile: It’s been about seven years since I’ve owned a car where you have to ‘push away’ to turn the full beam lights on and I much prefer it to the ‘pull in all the way’ switch to turn the full beam on. With those, I always end up keeping the full beams on when I just mean to flash people. So pushing away is great for me!

Saying that, my light stalk is fairly solid so it’s not easy to accidentally turn the full beams on.