Android Application

(Chris Gwynne) #1

Hi all, I got bored earlier and went off and created a basic Android App for this forum, its nothing special just gives you the most recent posts as they are created, I’ve also add a tab for lots of Twizy videos of YouTube.

If your interested it can be downloaded from

Let me know what you think, if I should change anything. I haven’t put it on the google play store yet, just having a play!

Cheers Chris

(James Cook) #2

Hi @Billybob75

How are you gathering the data for the application?


(Chris Gwynne) #3

Its literally from the public RSS feed

(James Cook) #4

Ahh cool! Wasn’t aware the site supported it as never had a need for it. :blush:

(Paul Chapman) #5

Unfortunately I am on the dark side so wont be able to download this :joy: