Anyone selling a Powerbox V2

(Nik) #1

Hi, I can’t create a wanted ad for some reason so I thought I’d ask in here.

Anyone got one for sale!

Cheers Nik

(Aqui) #2

Hii! Contact with me via mail: [email protected] or via whatsapp: +34674175422

(Nik) #3

Still looking!



I’ve just sold my Twizy and about to advertise my v1 Powerbox for £200.

I’m assuming you are only after a v2 but let me know if you are interested in a v1, even as a stop gap.

It comes with original box and I can ship to you


(Nik) #5

Hi mate I could be.

Do you know the differences between this and the V2?



As far as I know the V2 has a key fob you can remotely switch between modes (0/1/2) for the different power settings and you can mount this on steering wheel.

V1 has the mode buttons on the control box.

I always used it to set tuning to medium and then removed the control box from the ODB2 port.

Hope this helps.

Whereabouts are you based?

(Nik) #7

That does help thanks!

I’m on the Wirral


Ok. I’m happy to post to you as I’m in the UK. Would do special delivery/guaranteed post for £7.50.

Let me know if you’re interested

(Nik) #9

Oh cool. I still do really want the V2 but on the bases yours is for sale now would you drop to £175 delivered?

Regards Nik


Sorry that’s too low for me.

I would do it for £190 delivered.

(Nik) #11

Yeah I can do that mate. Give me a PM with your details please!

Cheers Nik


Just PM’d you Nik - many thanks

(Vincenzo Lo Jacono) #13

Hello, I would be interested in buying the powerbox for twizy45 … can you please provide me with some info?


mail : [email protected]



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