Are you still paying battery lease after the contract came to an end?


Think some people have had success with asking them to remove the battery as you no longer intend to pay for it. They never get back to you in most cases.

(Martin Lynch) #22

To be honest James what exactly are they going to do with a 7 year old battery? It’s probably just not worth the cost in labour and transportation to its final destination in France.

Hands up who have had exprience of this?

I have purchased several motorcycles over the last year and they have taken precedent over the Twiz. Not so sure that would be true if it was raining a lot more though! Also thinking of a new Zoe 50 on PCP or ordinary lease. Nothing will come close to the grin factor of the Twizy though.

(askho) #23

I haven’t paid the lease for nearly 2 years now. PM me for details if you want.

(Phil Gardner) #24

Happy to report my experience of trying to buy the battery off them last month if you PM me…

(Martin Lynch) #25


Apologies if you have replied already but did you manage to actually buy the battery from them? My lease has come to the end of it’s 3 year period (I paid only a year originally) so paid them in total for 48 months. The Twiz is 8 years old next year however.

(Phil Gardner) #26