Automatic shutdown during charging

(Luc) #1

Hi, experts and Twizy users.
I am new to the forum, I read many of your posts, but I did not find the same example. I speak very little English, I’m sorry, I hope you understand me.
I have a problem with Twizy:
- When charging the battery, it turns off.
- from 60% to 99%, I need to turn off and turn on the plug 6-10 times.
The other works all OK, fan, …
I hope that you will be working on me, I hope that anyone knows the solution, or he had the same problem.
Nice greetings from Slovenia, Luc
Twizy: 2015 year, 6800 km

(osbrook) #2

The problem here is the lack of details.

  1. Have your tried charging at another location
  2. have you checked your supply - is it stable and providing a voltage less than 248V and greater than 225v?
  3. Can the supply socket maintain 10amps for several hours ?
  4. is the plug and socket terminals clean and making good contact?
  5. has the charge lead been damaged or is it loose?
  6. What temperature is it when you charge
  7. You say the Fans come on but do you hear the relays cut in as well? (Relays clunk before Fans come on.
  8. Are the fans running when it turns off?
  9. How old and how much use has the battery had? I see low range but at that age it may have been stored badly.
  10. have you checked the 12V battery? This may be over charging and dropping the charge relays.

I suggest you check 10 first. The report back.

Good Luck.

(jj) #3

I need to turn off and turn on the plug 6-10 times.

Just a guess, but is the circuit breaker overheating? I assume by ‘turn on’ he means trip the breaker? But then, why would it say on, at some point? Are you shutting the breaker off, then on, or shutting it off from the tripped position?
OK, I’m a lousy guesser! ;> I assume it’s 240v?
I agree - try charging it somewhere else, to compare.