Back Seat Use

(osbrook) #1

A bit light hearted:-

Is it just me but I keep packing so much into the back of my Twizy I wonder if I should use a normal car!
On Saturday Evenings I put in a sac truck (Folding one) 2 Blue boxes full of gear and then my sports gear.
Today I have a Aqua Vac and attachments along with my large Laptop Rucksack to get to work.
In both cases I have to use the rear seat belt to stop things falling out. Then at weekend I have my 6’6" son in the back with a couple of bags of ‘stuff’

Can I tow a cycle trailer? What speeds are they rate to?

(powickh) #2

I had me and a full suit case in the back of mine wasn’t very confy but beat walking draging suitcase. Very tight squeeze.

(system) #3

The most I have carried was a very tall friend on the back with a computer on his lap, plus bags on the sides of my seat.

Twizy Electrical Cabling Upgrade