Battery 100% or not?


(Paul) #1

I have a 12 plate Twizy 10,000 miles never get more than 40 miles on a run and the predicted miles from start is never more than 35-40 miles… How can you tell when the battery needs replacing?

(Toby) #2

My Twizy is same age and does about the same. It is a good question, how do we define the battery condition to then claim a new one?

(Yang) #3

Winter is coming…

(osbrook) #4

@Jimmychoo270 sounds about right. Expect sub 30miles in Winter.

The battery contract states they don’t replace but repair to bring it back to being over 75% (some say 70%) so only the worst or failed modules would be replaced.

How to tell - No easy way. Do you know what it used to do for the same trip in the same temps and conditions? This will give a very rough idea of how much it has changed.

ie. Used to do 50miles and now does 40miles is 20% loss (subjective only view) which still isn’t enough to trigger a battery repair. I suggest that you would need to see a lot more than 25% range loss before getting Renault to look at it.

Just my thoughts others my know better.

(m1n1s) #5

typical battery capacity loss is around 1-2% per year and mileage doesn’t seem to factor in much.

Regular usage seems to maintain battery capacity.

I’m a low mileage user (7K miles) with a 2012 model which has lost about 5% capacity , checked with the powerbox.