Battery purchase/DIY

I am looking to purchase a new/used battery for a 2013 Twizy. I would like to omit leasing. Is something like this available? Alternatively I could look into building one myself. I do understand the danger and already have several hundred balanced 18650 batteries that can be used for this purpose. Has anyone taken on such a task before? Plans would be greatly appreciated.

As all the Twizy batteries are technically owned by Renault this could be a tough task but not impossible.

There is the occasional scrapped Twizy which appears with the battery intact and somehow up for sale on here so keep an eye out.

Thanks for the link! I have already gone ahead and contacted them about it.

Fantastic, best of luck.

Certainly a way around battery rental, buy one, tell Renault you want it gone, install your own!

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@Grossstadtfahrer I should have checked Github… This helps me out greatly! Thank you.

@DaveKnowsBest I got a response from that seller, however he does not have the battery.

There is also a project for a dedicated (hardware) BMS running in our BBoard.

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Lets start to talk on Priv. I done 2 batteries in the past. One is on the 1350 pcs NCB19650BL cells (15s90P) second is on SDI 94Ah prismatic

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You could look internationally for scrapped Twizys… Not all countries have battery lease. At least in Finland all Twizys are sold with battery, without lease.