Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

(Simon Millard) #94

Had my letter from RCI Finance today my agreement comes to an end on the 3rd June this year as I am taking delivery of my zoe in a April I think I will wait till then to tell RCI I wish to not do want to Sell my Twizy to a 3rd party, renew my battery rental or part ex at Renault (they wouldn’t have it back any way they said)

(Alexander Booth) #95

What is the news on this? When can I buy a twizy without battery rental?

(osbrook) #96

Now if you live in the right country. Else not yet.

(m1n1s) #97

continuing on this thread of the battery purchase/rental I have recently challanged rci on this in the UK and requested to buy the battery from them, today I received this response.

My next questions has been to quote for the battery removal at my expense.

Will keep you all posted, my battery contract runs out in August 2016.

(Martin Lynch) #98

… a month after mine.

(m1n1s) #99

also emailed bbc watchdog programme see if they are interested in our story on battery woes :wink:

maybe a few more request from forum members may help some interest?

(Dan Brook) #100

Did anything ever happen with this. I’ve come across a Twizy that has been sat for a year unused and thinking of making an offer. Has anyone ever got out of their batter lease agreement or purchased the battery in the UK?

(Ed ) #101

I saw Your post form a couple of months ago, is there a possibility you sent me the dcf files you used for your motorbikes ?

(Marcos) #102

If the contract is about to expire, you can give back your battery (I know, I did it may 2015 in Spain). They wanted me to sign some documents saying I wouldn’t drive the car anymore or sell it to someone who could do it, and that I had to pay all the expenses of taking it away and recycling it. Naturally I didn’t sign that. I just removed the battery myself and brought it back to a dealer (a special one owned by Renault Spain). At first they didn’t want to take the battery, but after further talks with RCI bank, I managed to give it back on a second try.

They cannot force you to pay anything that is not on your leasing contract. If you take the battery out yourself you don’t have to pay anything.

It’s not a security problem. The battery does not feed current to the connectors until the car is powered on, furthermore, both the charging connector as well as the main connector to the motor have a lid that you have to move to unlock the connetor. This lid has a further switch that also disconects the current. So no problem from that side.

I’m trying to make a battery myself, but I don’t have much time. In the meantime I have purchased the battery casing and the BMS as spare parts. I’ve also ordered some cells. I’ll let you know if I get anything out of it, but I’d say it’s promissing.

(Patric Ulrich) #103

How is your self made battery progressing?

Many thanks!

(Simon Millard) #104

My Twizy has done 10032 miles but only done about 10 in the last year been very busy but will have a 120+ mile trip soon

(Alexander Booth) #105

I attended The Fully Charged show and spoke to the University of Warwick. In the next couple of months their battery rental runs out on their converted twizy van. They have already installed their own built battery and removed the normal battery. They plan to return this default battery to Renault Finance and then cease paying the lease payments. Apparently they have a battery department and a legal department.

(osbrook) #106

Is there a process then for returning the battery to Renault. There are so many stories about hem not allowing this.

(m1n1s) #107

my contract is up again and i’m pulling the battery , 45 pounds a month for a 7 year old battery isn’t cutting it for me.

i will remove the battery and take to my local dealer , i have to pay for the battery to go back to france and get tested before they release me from the contract obligation.

(osbrook) #108

But what will you do without a battery?

Do Renault charge much for the batter return test?

They shouldn’t charge really as they want you to use the battery but if it is damaged why would you rent it? They would need to fix it anyway.

(David White) #109

If they have managed to build their own battery AND they are successful in giving back their lease battery and stop the lease payments, they need to consider making their battery commercially available. I’m sure whatever they’ve built is better than the original one. We need a real-world test case for someone who has successfully given back their battery, stopped their lease and installed either a replacement part battery from Renault or fitted a custom battery from somewhere like Warwick Uni. They’ve also got round the issue of the Sevcon Controller issue too?

(osbrook) #110

See zerotwiz who make a battery for the Twizy

(Alexander Booth) #111

Nathan and Chris from zeroTwiz (who were also at fully charged show) were also waiting to see what happens to Professor David Greenwood’s (Warwick university ) plans to return the battery as they have their own plans to install ex-Tesla batteries in Twizy’s.

(David White) #112

I got a nice reply after I sent message to ZeroTwiz. They reckon you’d get your investment back after 4 years with that consisting of the four years of the battery lease cost making up about half of it and the benefits in almost double the range being the other half. They said they haven’t worked out what the warranty would look like yet and added this which I thought was interesting . . .

“We have two Twizys in at the moment in which Renault will not replace the battery without a large payment as they say the customer has not looked after the battery.”

(osbrook) #113

So where are the instructions for looking after the battery? We all know that lithium batteries don’t like to be left below 20% or at 100% for any length of time. But how long is that. No warning about this from Renault. They only talk about charging when very cold.

It is the reason I worry about low millage Twizys. The batteries may have been left for weeks or months with no charge or on charge. Neither is good.