Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

(Joe Blackie) #41

I think the problem is that nobody has an incentive to chase it up. Renault Finance don’t own the battery so they just see it as the agreement has ended and they’re no longer involved. My letter has probably been forwarded onto Renault HQ who don’t really have the time to bother following it up and the tiny value of the battery is insignificant compared to the damage any negative publicity could do if they let me return it and then refuse to supply another one later down the line. My wife has a Dacia so we’re people that have bought two new cars from them within 3 and a bit years.

(Lightly) #42

There is no way Renault will just let you off with this , I am sure .

(Peter Szczesiak) #43

I am watching this with interest as I am a long way from renewal time so fingers crossed



Would be interesting when and if you need a new battery.

(EricLafoy) #45

Found this now dated american article about the Renault battery rental issue we Twizy & Zoe owners are all faced with and the possibility or not of purchasing the batteries.

The article explains in details what the true cost of renting the battery is and a petition was set up by an Italian group to ask Renault to give the chance to own the battery. The link is no longer available but there is an email address.

The Italian script was translated using Google translate and can be sometime confusing. Not sure if you already knew about it but here is the link…

(Joe Blackie) #46

Okay, so we have a reply from RCI now. My letter was dated May 14th, their reply is dated August 26th, so it’s only taken them 3 and a half months to come up with this response…

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Great 3 months and then - it’s with Legal. They will send you a letter and charge you for those at £10 a time and then want the back payments and interest and charge you for that.

At least the email will say on letter costs!

Keep us informed and I hope it goes better than I have suggested. In fact those charges are for people IN contract. As you are out of contract and have told them so then it is a different kettle of fish ( Electric eels may be :grinning:)

Good look and thanks for keeping us informed.

(Joe Blackie) #48

They can’t possible charge me any legal fees as I have offered to return the battery to them at my own expense. Like I’ve said before, any back rent they try and charge will be offset by the amount I’ll invoice them in return for the storage and insurance of the battery in the time since the contract ended.

(osbrook) #49

As I said the letters and charges as listed in the Battery rental contract, which you are now out of. This makes things a bit tricky for RCI now.

(askho) #50

Please keep us posted. I don’t think there is much they can do as you are out of contract with them, so legally they haven’t got much to work on. You have also been very reasonable about returning the battery. It has been RCI who has been very slack in their response.


emphasized textWe have a Twizzy registered in Germany. When the Contract for Batterylease ran out, we removed the Battery and returned it to the Dealer. Also we ordered of the contract.

The first few months they told us it was impossible and tried to cash the money. Then they came over to our company to claim the money.
The last mail was from Juni and we replied as follows: for al kommunication regarding this theme, we won’t reply unless an official claim is filed at court. Until now, there is silence.

now, we have one Problem: a Twizzy without a Battery.

Anyone with an affordable solution? It is not a real problem when the range will get lower till appr. 50km.

(Johnny J) #52

I would propably get something like this: Lithium Battery Packs

(osbrook) #53

Shame no Twizy one, Perhaps they can put two of the 60V ones together for us.

(Johnny J) #54

Well, this is not the easiest thing to accomplish.
The pack you have to puzzle together yourself, finding the right number of cells, make a holder etc.

The big problem is the CANBUS Communication with the rest of the car, charger, instruments, controller and so on.
Also a BMS is more or less requires, this also need to communicate with the rest of the stuff.

You could make it simpler and bypass a few of the things, buy a new charger and reprogram the controller, but it’s still alot of work making it function properly.

(osbrook) #55

Which is why it hasn’t been done yet. The Sevcon Controller software requires you to go on a rare and expensive course before you can have a copy. The battery pack is also a mystery as RCI own it and users haven’t opened it up enough to see how the BMS needs to be wired.

Unless there is the opportunity for lots of sales no one with the right knowledge is going to get round to doing it.

(Johnny J) #56

It’s not that complicated with the Sevcon, I already have the CAN-USB adapter and the software (available on the net), have 2 motorcycles with Sevcons and have programmed them without too many problems.


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Hello Johny J., I will check it out, perhaps we’ll find a solution. Thanx for now!

Also I called a part store from Renault, they offered the Battery for 4,595€ ex VAT (3-5 days delivery time).

A bit expensive, so if there is a cheaper option…

(askho) #59

Any progress???

(Alexander Booth) #60

I would like a second electric car to go with my Leaf, i would buy a Twizy for fun as they can be £3500 or lower on auto trader - but I don’t want to pay for battery lease.
£45 per month for 3 years is £1620. So over 3 years it’s £5120 all together.
but I can just buy an 2nd hand i-miev for £5000 with no battery lease (and 4 seats)
I mentioned to the local Renault dealer what happens when, in a few years time, a Twizy is worth less than £500 - why would anyone buy with a £45 monthly charge - “I’ve not thought of that” he replied with blank look.

I wonder want happens if you buy a £3500 second hand Twizy and just don’t pay the lease?