Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

(askho) #61

Someone has thought of that. If you buy as £500 ICE banger, petrol or diesel don’t come any cheaper just because the car is cheap. But I know exactly what you mean.
As to your last query, no one has really put it to the test yet.

(Joe Blackie) #62

No, no further response from them at all. I have hardly used the Twizy in the last few months due to the weather becoming colder. Good job I’m not wasting £45 a month!

(askho) #63

I wonder if they have given up. I have always thought after collecting rental for a few years whether it is worth their while to try to retrieve the battery, with all the hassle involved. Please keep us informed if there is further development. Thanks

(Normsthename) #64

I hope we get a definitive answer to this soon, my battery agreement finishes in January
I don’t want to be paying the full price of £49 a month on a 3 year old battery


(Peter Szczesiak) #65

i had thought that when i go off on my boat to cancel the payment and leave renault looking for me and the twizy on the front of the boat. it would be no good going to where it is registered and insured as i wont be there wonder what they would do

(askho) #66

Good plan!!! :smile: :smile:

(Lightly) #67

I would think they will issue court proceedings against you, and get you a CCJ against your name at least .

(Peter Szczesiak) #68

the problem is that i have money so dont use credit for anything i have no loans, one credit card which i dont use so it wouldnt really effect me and i might not even be in the country anyway. i bought the twizy purely to use with the boat however i now enjoy it that much that i use it just for the fun of it

(askho) #69

Are you a drug dealer :wink: :wink: :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

(Peter Szczesiak) #70

no have sold house and 2 business in the last few years thinking of starting another business but prices a bit high so will do some haggling

(Normsthename) #71

I received my Battery Renewal letter this morning.
Its exactly the same letter that Joeblackie received (complete with spelling mistakes!)
Only difference is that my Renewal is not due until 1st March 2016 and today is Monday 16th November 2015
So it looks like they are sending the letters out early to get the renewal agreement in place so they don’t have the problem with the agreement running out, they only sent Joeblackie’s agreement a couple of weeks before his expired.
So what do I do now, they are saying it will be auto-renewed in 14 days if they don’t hear from me…


(askho) #72

Try to negotiate a lower tariff if you are a law abiding citizen, or just don’t pay if you are not. Whichever way stop payment, don’t let them auto-renew.

(Normsthename) #73

Problem is that I still have 4 months of payments on the current agreement, which is why I think they are sending the renewals out a lot earlier


(askho) #74

4 months give you plenty of time to negotiate. But if it is like @Joeblackie you might not hear back from them for months.

(Marcos) #75

Sorry for beeing a bit late, but read your previous contract if you have it. At least in the spanish contract, it says that the lessee can extend the contract with writen agreement of the lessor and minimum 30 days before the contract expires. But the contract does not autorenew itself and civil laws in Spain say that contracts don’t autorenew unless it’s an explicit clause.

As far as I know, all contracts are translations from a french original. I know the spanish, french and german ones, and it seems this is indeed the case, with some little adaptations.

The original french one says:

3.2 Prolongation de la location
Le locataire pourra prolonger par avenant la durée de la location, pour une durée minimum de trois mois, après avoir obtenu l’accord préalable et écrit du loueur, et ce 30 jours minimum avant la date de fin contractuelle de la location.
Pendant cette période de prolongation, un nouveau loyer se substituera au loyer de la période initiale tel que prévu à l’engagement de location Le contrat de location prendra fin dès que le kilométrage initialement fixé sera atteint, à défaut au terme de la durée de prolongation choisie.

This is also what the spanish version says, almost word for word. So no autorenewal if you don’t want to.

(Marcos) #76

I reply to myself, and this might be more troublesome for you in the UK. I’ve seen in another web ( some portions of the british contract and it seemingly reads:

ART 13.2 At least three months before the expiry of the Contract, if do
not want to prolong it pursuant to art. 5.3, the Lessee shall notify by
registered letter, or the intention to return, at its own expense, the
battery with the vehicle in the place indicated by the Lessor or the
> sale of the vehicle by a private operator or other professional in
compliance with the provisions of art. 8.15. Except in cases of force
majeure, if the Lessee does not manifest its intentions in order to
return the battery to the vehicle, the Lessor will provide legal billing
allowance of value equivalent to the enjoyment of the rent from last in
force, including services referred to in Articles. 9 and 10

So you have to warn by registered letter at least 3 months ahead of the termination date that you don’t want to renew, but I’d still say this is illegal, as there is no way they can force you to return or sell YOUR vehicle.

(Simon Millard) #77

has there been any update from RCI my battery lease is up in may and I do not want to renew it

(Joe Blackie) #78

Still nothing from Renault/RCI and it’s 8 months to the day that I wrote to them!

(Peter Szczesiak) #79

are you still using the twizy

(Paul Chapman) #80

Has anyone that purchased a Twizy second hand heard from Renault directly? I have not contacted them, so either the original owner is still paying for it and not realised or they are not joined up enough to know I have one and make contact