Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

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You mean you are not paying for battery rental!! :wink: :wink:
If I were in that fortunate position I will keep a low profile and let it carry on. :wink: :wink:

(Alex) #82

He will receive a letter from RCA that his rental is due… So he will catch up with you.

Happened with me too. The PO was aggravated why Renault is still knocking on his door.
If you don’t send them the contract… it’s still under the POs name :wink:

If he claims stolen he has to pay 3k euros to RCA unless it’s still under insurance coverage

(Leo R ) #83

When I purchased my (2nd hand) Twizy, I had to fill out some forms for the battery lease.
I also received forms for if I would sell the Twizy, so I could transfer the lease to the new owner.
I bought the machine at a Dutch Renault dealer.

(Simon Millard) #84

looks like RCI might not think its worth chasing, Just orderd a ZOE, but I can not bare to get rid of my Twizy its just so much fun and I have done so many mods (Heated Seat, Seat, Alarm, LED Lights, Stereo Upgrade & windows (twice). But I needed a more practical car, but if I can keep her on the road cheap then I will otherwise she can stay in my garage till I can afford to run three cars

(Luka Djuraskovic) #85

Hi to you all, i read all your posts and it looks so somplicated. My case is more complicated as i bought a Twizy in Germany (no battery) and exported it back home in Montenegro.
I am working on it, new paint as its white and i dont like it so the garage is working on it. It will be a blue orange Aston Martin combination and i bought 15" wheels so i am making changes on the wheel covers. Ill post a photo in 10 days when its done.

Now the problem, the Renault here has no eletric cars yet and before i boight it they said that there is no problem, they will order a battery for me to rent. Of course it was a lie so now ill have the car i wanted with no battery…

I have 2 options , to buy an used one ( newer saw one for sale) or make some conversion to petrol that is possible but its complicated and i dont have energy for it.
Any ideas if an used one can be found at all? I found a crashed one in Germany with battery but the seller was not sure if it worked soi was sure it was not ok :slight_smile:

(Alex) #86

I am in same condition with you but in greeece.

How did you escape the battery rental with the German Renault? Please PM with details.
Unless you bought that white No battery with doors twizy I was also watching four months ago??

Go to Austria!! Renault dealer Sonnleitner.
He sells batteries for I think 5000Euros

I am almost done with my pinping
See my Thread of my “restoration”
I am also expecting a power box to high tune it

Have in mind, 15 inch wheels (with 40 mm tire?) is smaller in diameter than original and will give less top speed

What did you do wiht fenders?

(Luka Djuraskovic) #87

Hi Alex, can you text me on Whatsapp or Viber +38269010784

(Luka Djuraskovic) #88

Text me when you can so ill give you a few details.

As for wheel covers i cut them in half, made strong connection and made new ones ,or covered the hole ,with fieberglass , and made preparations foe painting. Ill try to make you a photo tomorrow.

My wheels are not 45 , i bought them from smart , front 155/55 and back 175/50 r15. I am now sure what will i gain or lose. When the tirws will be ready for replacement ill go for 145/50 and 165/50 but who knows when will it be.

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This is the color combination, ill update with some photos when done.

Send me a text when you can, if your had a light damage on the front right wheel that was the one i reserved but at the end so.eone else bought it

(Alex) #93

Seems you bought my white Twizy and I bought yours.
Now we are teaming up for battery solution;) Funny how life works and the ways of the Internet:)))

(Simon Millard) #94

Had my letter from RCI Finance today my agreement comes to an end on the 3rd June this year as I am taking delivery of my zoe in a April I think I will wait till then to tell RCI I wish to not do want to Sell my Twizy to a 3rd party, renew my battery rental or part ex at Renault (they wouldn’t have it back any way they said)

(Alexander Booth) #95

What is the news on this? When can I buy a twizy without battery rental?

(osbrook) #96

Now if you live in the right country. Else not yet.

(m1n1s) #97

continuing on this thread of the battery purchase/rental I have recently challanged rci on this in the UK and requested to buy the battery from them, today I received this response.

My next questions has been to quote for the battery removal at my expense.

Will keep you all posted, my battery contract runs out in August 2016.

(Martin Lynch) #98

… a month after mine.

(m1n1s) #99

also emailed bbc watchdog programme see if they are interested in our story on battery woes :wink:

maybe a few more request from forum members may help some interest?

(Dan Brook) #100

Did anything ever happen with this. I’ve come across a Twizy that has been sat for a year unused and thinking of making an offer. Has anyone ever got out of their batter lease agreement or purchased the battery in the UK?