Best side windows?


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What happens on a nice sunny day when a sudden rain storm breaks out which in this country is quite common? The ideal window would be the same design as a G-Wiz window which should fit perfectly onto the door this would enable you to slide the window open sideways. This cant be that hard to produce.

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I’ll have a look at G-Wiz to see what you mean…

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Ah Ok i see what you mean… so have like a half window permanently at the rear of the Twizy and slide the front half forward when the weather turns for the worse. Easy on a G-Wiz as you have a window frame and a squared off top edge meaning a regular window shape can slide forward within the rails securely. The challenge with the Twizy is the curved upper edge profile and the lack of window frame…food for thought though.

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Hi there, but it looks like this german company has already done this:]( . Although its all in german and I dont understand it, the photos look just like a G-Wiz window. Do you think you can re-produce this?

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Oh yes I’ve seen these before. Although they use a slide mount it looks like you cant vent the car on the move as for the windows to work they have to sit " in " rather than “on” the shell. I like the speed of taking them on and off the rails completely though although don’t fancy the drilling work and prep to fit them or the damage come resale ( guess you’d sell the car with the windows ).

To my mind a little over engineered for a Twizy.

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With my G-wiz I have to leave the windows slightly open to vent the car on the move but at least I know I can open them in hot weather or close them when I park up. This is the only issue holding me back from buying a Twizy. Here’s hoping…

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I was told by Renault dealer today, end of the month. Not sure that they are rigid though.

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Thanks… It was reading your article in Auto Express that prompted me to look at your site and eventually led to me using this forum and buying a Twizy. I’m hoping to give the challenge to my 6th form students for their A-Level course as we have an 800mm x 565mm laser cutter, line bending facilities and small engineering set up at school - gives them a fun live subject to work on and they think the Twizy is cool.

It seems AutoExpress are going to run another feature on the Twizy with your windows installed I feel as they hinted stongly tlast week in their review.

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Thats strange because I called Renault UK and they said they have no information yet whether they will do them or not. I’m going to call my local dealer and ask them direct. Thanks for the info.

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I also asked the question to Renault about 2-3 weeks ago, and they said something is being made, but they suggested they would be the clear pvc ones that roll up. Who knows, I sometimes wonder if Renault know what they are selling.

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I wonder if they’re soft ones. I guess that might be the only way to get round the legislation of not having a fan because they’re deemed not to be a permanent fixture

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@twizywindows, I like your windows and we are looking at purchasing a set, but I feel £300 plus P&P is a bit steep. Completely understand material cost, time etc but 300 I feel is steep, this is the only reason why we are holding back to see what Renault are going to do.

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Ahem, Can i suggest mine chaps…wrap round the door at rear so no wet passenger and gap at mirror means you can use ticket machines, 5 minutes on and off so no drilling the car, velcro tabs in effect lock the car from the casual ticket thief !

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I just called my local dealer and asked about windows and they said they have no official answer yet. I dont understand how some dealers are saying they are realeasing them and also giving a time frame???

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Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I understand your point of view. Its simply to do with the small quantities I order at the moment keeping the price high. If it wasn’t a one man band hobby for me and there was sufficient orders to fulfill a large batch ( as Renault I’m sure will be able to leverage ) then the price could probably drop to nearer £200. Bit of a chicken and egg situation & given its only a matter of months till Renault fill the gap I don’t feel its worth the financial risk to scale it up.

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Take a look at this. I googled twizy windows in Google France to see what the french are doing:
I bet this is what Renault may adopt.

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mm, cheap & cheerful option which would suit occasional use. But to get in and out you have to zip up two zips and your passenger is still stuck ?

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Just seen on the Renault ZE Facebook page, that Renault has introduced their own “closure system”

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It sounds like they’re describing that french design I mentioned earlier - flexible ones with a zip. -]( But have you seen their price? Its €349 where as the ma-twizy one is €250. I suppose they’re adding on €100 for fitting.