Best side windows?



If you click on related photos they have images of the Renault version. Definitely not the French version with the big ugly zips up the middle!

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Hi Guys, Here’s the best info I can find on Renault’s own design. Looks like I will be able to wind down my aftermarket solution once these come on stream !

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Those photos arent that clear and they dont look real. The description says “flexible” but those in the phot look rigid. It shouldnt be too long before they’re added to Renaults website under optional extras though.

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Also they dont mention if they’re lockable…

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Aye theres probably a wee bit of photoshop going on there. I can see its a rigid frame with flexible zip in panel which is certainly good for venting control. My only concern looking at them is the large gap at the rear so the passenger will get a raw deal from rain and cold and being flexible how many folk will cut them maliciously…good to see Renault on the case at last though.

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Yes thats a good point…im guessing probably not if its flexible plastic material, quick entry with a knife even it had a lock.

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Like a lot of convertibles.

Hopefully the zip in part will be a cheap replaceable part as it bound to get damaged taking it on and out.

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I called my local dealer to ask about them. They still didnt have a clue. I cant believe we’re one step ahead of them.


That’s one of the reasons I set this site up, because we, as a collective, all know more than the dealers do!

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Believe it, :frowning: but think ten steps

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Very good, Perhaps it should be part of their ZE training that they use this site !

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Have you SEEN Renault’s Twizy windows? Picture released on facebook page (link) Facebook – log in or sign up

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Yep that’s the same photo we saw from renaults press release yesterday but that pic looks very computer generated. I doubt they’ll look like that.

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Have you bought the hard Italian windows at the end? If yes, what do you think about these windows? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I picked up my Twizy today and I love it already!

It started raining later in the day - home for a cover and charge.

I need windows, and for my needs I wanted windows with a bit that I could open and stick a hand through (for work everyday its a security pass in / out)

I have been doing some research on the various window makes out there (see

There seems to be at least 2 makers of “Twy-Rain” windows - which have these openable bits and they look very similar.

These are offered by a company called “Green Cars Milano”

The windows, video and description look very similar / identical to “Eco-Rent”

I messaged both sellers - and they both confirmed that their Windows are now shipping with locks.

I have bought a set of Green Cars Milano (cheaper delivery) and hope to get them soon.

Hope this helps someone.

Also going to get the official Renault Twizy Parrot Kit (£295 + fitting from Renault)
But after reading Lighty’s thread ( I noticed that you can buy the kit for £200 delivered from here:

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Hey Scoobby81! How is your experience with the Twy-Rain windows? I just got my Twizy and I need to get some windows. I between the Twi-Rain and this ones

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Hello Gilius

Can you talk about your experience with your windows of green cars milano?

Thank you.
Hugo Tomás


I recently posted my two cents here: