Bumpy motor

(osbrook) #21

I got the struts changed on my last service (4th).

(Phil Gardner) #22

Spooky - my Hazard switch needs ‘wiggling’ to get it to work these days, so nows’ the time for a service for sure. thanks for the tips folks!

(Matjaz M) #23

Today I washed my car. And the front 12v battery cover fell off.

Found out that the two mounts that should be screwed to the chasis were broken.
I don’t believe that was caused by a bumper to bumper collision.
My T is always in a garage when stationary. :confused:

Have no luck with this one.
The list of disapointments just goes on

(Roel) #24

Those mounts break easily. These mounts can also be found on the back of the Twizy. A soft bump to the Twizy does break them.

A simple remedy is drilling four 4mm holes per side. Two in the mount left and right of the screw hole, two on the same spot in the fascia. Then pull two tiewraps through the holes, adjust them tender and ready you are.

(Alex) #25

Actually using black screws is better cause that cover needs to be taken of if your 12v battery goes flat and needs charging. So tie wraps may be an obstacle citing em off and needing new ones every time

(Matjaz M) #26

I have sent the twizy back to get the repairs done.
Loaded it an a big lory as the dealer is to far away to drive to.
Hopefully they will replace the cover, gearbox and other.

(Roel) #27

@ALEXAKOS: I have not been clear. The tie wraps connect the front with the lip which was broken off that front. Repaired in this way you can bolt the restored lip back on the underside of the Twizy and hinge the front back in its slots.

(Alex) #28

Ah yes. That makes sense;) sorry missed your point:s

(Matjaz M) #29

@shthpnz I actualy understud what you meant :slight_smile:

(Matjaz M) #30

Had the oportunity to test another Twizy at the dealership and it had the same problem with the gearbox.
I think I will have to stick with it till it breakes

(Kenneth) #31

some slack in the gearbox is completely normal. It is the Sevcon controller that makes this sound comes. reason is that the controller sometimes fails to read the Value of throttle position. so it jumps from a little load to no load and then makes this sound from gearbox.

this can easily be fixed by allow a little more movement on the throttel before it is activated.
but to say this to Renault service people are probably like talking to the wall. they do not have access to change the parameters in the controller.

anyway so this is not dangerous and it’s just ignores it :slight_smile:

(Matjaz M) #32

@kennethnilsen69 thanks for the explanation.
The problem is only that it gives a bad feeling like it shouldn’t do that and there is this unwanted slack or delay when waiting for the T to pull.

(Kenneth) #33

If the problem is too anoying then ask if they can fix it. just remember that it is Sevcon controller they must adjust and not slack in the gearbox. All transmissions have some slack. it is normal (in a certain extent of course) but from what I see in your movie so it’s not too much slack in it.
Ask if they can upgrade the software in the controller with the latest version. If this does not work so it can maybe help to replace your throttle. this sound should just come occasionally. not always when you put it in Drive or Reverse without touching the throttle.

If they can do not fix it then I can maybe make a firmware to your Powerbox that fixes this :slight_smile:
But now I’m on vacation and shall enjoy myself with my family until I get home on August 7 :slight_smile:

(Matjaz M) #34

@kennethnilsen69 do you know of any method how I can check the sevcon sw version by myself?
And I wish you a nice vacation.

(Kenneth) #35

sorry you can not do this yourself without proper equipment- that easiest is probably to ask Renault- it’s free :-)))) but you do not need to know the version. only if you have the latest or not. if they have had a lot of complaining about this so it may be that the latest version has a fix for this. but I doubt it

(Matjaz M) #36

@kennethnilsen69 I believe that my service center doesn’t know that thing either.
I have read the CANopen docs of sevcon I presume that your device should be able to retrieve those informations.
Anyway I will instruct my service center to upgrade everything to the latest version.
Thanks for the tip

(Martin Lynch) #37

I would rather wait Kenneth until you can upgrade via your firmware, at least we will know it will be done properly.

(Matjaz M) #38

Got my T back from service center.
Thay say the gearbox slack is normal. That four of the T that they tested had the same thing.
Also they are stating that the sevcon controller is at its latest FW (firmware) version.

(Peter) #39

I feel a little better about this now.

I’ve only recently bought my Twizy (4 years old) and it makes this noise.

I got it up on the ramps, expecting a failed bush but nothing visually wrong.

I wonder if there’s some kind of flexible / rubberised coupling between the motor and gearbox?

(Roel) #40

@peter-ss: ‘I wonder if there’s some kind of flexible / rubberised coupling between the motor and gearbox?’
Perhaps check your brakes. When your brakepistons or the levers of the handbrake are sticky (and I bet they are) it will take force to overcome the resistance. Every form of play will be magnified.