Bumpy motor

(Peter) #41

Thanks for your advice.

It’s my intention to give the brakes a once over soon.

(Peter) #42

I’ve just downloaded a workshop manual and the connection between motor and gearbox appears to be a splined shaft.

(Roel) #43

No flexibility or rubber in there :slight_smile:

(Monty ) #44

Hi Peter, i was wondering if you can tell me where you managed to download the copy of the workshop manual for the Twizy? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Peter) #46

Hi Monty.

Yes. It’s a bit sketchy but has what I’ve needed so far.

See link below.





Hi, I have exactly this sound on my 2012 T80, this sort of “should I stay or should I go now” uncertainty happens every time the foot comes up, I was convinced it was wear in the CV joints, but the explanation by @kennethnilsen69 actually makes perfect sense ! At last I have some sort of idea of what might be happening, do you think I can teak the adjustments using an OVMS module (came with the car) ?
Cheers !



Perhaps check your brakes. When your brakepistons or the levers of the handbrake are sticky (and I bet they are) it will take force to overcome the resistance. Every form of play will be magnified.

You are right, both pistons and especially handbrake levers are sticky ! How does one go about getting those to move nice & freely again ? I’m dreading complete overhaul and changing all the seals and gaskets :frowning:
Thanks for your precious insight !

(Dimitar Atanasov) #49

Hi, I don’t hear any noise.

  1. Change the gearbox oil.
  2. If you have experience download the gearbox and check the two bearings … the engine is one and the other that also holds the engine is mounted on the gearbox. I guess the second is for a change.
    Good luck ???!!!