Changing batteries


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This is insane that one can not get terminated the rent in England
They tried the same here in Norway when I delivered my battery in and terminated my lease. I read the lease contract carefully and found out that I had every right to terminat the rent.
Are there any of you who can send me a copy of the English lease contract so I can look at it? Pleas send it to [email protected]

It can not be right that Renault can force you to rent a battery against your will. this can just not be a legally contract If this is correct.


I’ve sent you a copy of what I got from Renault.

(Kenneth) #43

Now I read it and there is not much in it compared to the Norwegian contract.
It’s just how to do it if you sell your car privately or to a dealership.
It says nothing about terminate the rent. In practice it would also mean that you can terminate the rent since it is not specified that you can not do it :slight_smile:

To end the rent so you must send a written cancellation to Renault Finance and arrange with them where to deliver the battery. this is usually to the nearest Renault dealer. if you disassemble the battery self, then they have to send the battery to France for testing before they can terminate the lease. you should not pay rent during this period. If the nearest Renault dealer disassembles the battery for you so it should not be necessary to send the battery to France for testing since they then can test before dismantling.

Contact Renault Finance and request they send the form
Here you will find all the conditions of lease agreement. includin how to terminate one :slight_smile:
Like this one but in English (They have it certainly also in English)år.pdf

I know that Oakley Design bought their cars without lease so it is possible to purchase the Battery also in England


(Kenneth) #44

I do not really understand how they can require you to pay for the reparation of a battery you rent. that I had never accepted. and I do not understand why they believe that it is you that is the reason that the battery is damaged. Can they prove this? A battery should easily be able to stand in stock for several years without problems (if you have not parked it with an empty battery. Then you’re probably in trouble).
For long-term storage the battery should be about 60 to 80% SOC and the 12v battery should be disconnected.
That they require you to continue paying for a useless battery is just insane. you must not accept this. Tell them to fix it or you will terminate the rent.

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One Thing is sure we did not leave the car with empty battery, Max we left the car, not driving is a month.

(Saad Malik ) #46

When RAC came, All the dash lights were coming, Only thing car was not coming into ready mode to engage in gear. to be honest 1 month leaving is even exaggeration. and we received the car totally dead.

(Kenneth) #47

Yes it is not good and not professional that you got back the car with completely flat 12v battery.
To me it seems like you are completely innocent in this and that Renault should repair your battery without a doubt.
Do you not have someone who can help with such cases in England?


(Martin Lynch) #48

This is nuts. Just pay a solicitor to take the case to court. I guranmtee they will back down. They can’t prove you didn’t charge the battery can they? Kenneth can answer that one.

I posted a simple (but effective) way of charging my battery daily becauae of this problem. However I am suprised the battery has destroyed itself in such a short period of time. They are just trying tyo avoid replacement. Get a solicitor involved.

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Hey Ippe, how is your self made battery project progressing?

Many thanks,


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Any more detailsa bout this Ippe?
I am about to but a twizy and live in Sweden and the battry rental is about to expire so it would be nice to but myself some nissan batterys and replace them with.


I was going to create a thread regarding this but seeing as this is well established thread I might as well post it here.

A few hours ago I phoned up Renault Finance UK regarding the battery lease and whether it was possible to purchase the battery out right.

The operator informed me, after discussing with their EV colleague, that there are plans in the pipeline to allow Renault EV owners to purchase the batteries but not right now.

There is hope.

(Lasse L) #52

That sounds good!
But the problem here in Sweden is that Renault value the battery to hight.
Right now Renalut sys that the battery value is 4200 eur, i bought my car for about 4000 eur yesterday.
And thats a 2015 with 5500km on the tripmeter with doors,windows and bluetooth speakers.

And even if i get 10% discount that Renault says it will loose per year that will be 4200-30%=2940 eur or (((4200-10%)-10%)-10%)=3062eur depending how they count. And that is for a 3 year old battery.

I am a enginner and work for Scania the truck company for 7 years before i changed job 1 year ago.
And on Scania i spoke alot to a chap that was the battery guru and was well involved in VW hybrid and battery department aswell so he knows what he talks about.
He said to me that you shuld not trust a battery in a car that is older then 6-7 years. So it feels kinda stupid to buy a 3-4 year old battery for almost the same value as the car.
Thats why i want to buy some new leaf cells and put in my car but if somone already done the job with im glad to just copy that :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the link, thank goodness for Google Chrome translate :grinning:

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You are right. Only relying on the English language will limit knowledge in general and particularly of the Twizy.

The Twizy fans on the German forum are indeed advancing on the technical and software side of the battery replacement.
Viel Erfolg!

(Barry) #55

and a 3 year thread lol

(Martin Lynch) #56

Love to know how S33DMR got on? Has anyone since been advised that they can now buy the battery? I renewed for 3 years at the beginning of 2017 so I’m stuck (so to speak) anyway for another two years.

I am still charging via timer every day as I still maintain it’s better to do that than leave it go flat and risk the possibility of teh battery destroying itself.

(Mats) #57

I’ve asked for a qoute on buying the batteri outright after my lease expires (Sweden). No response yet, but IF it’s around 1K Eur I’ll take it. The battery is still in great condition.

But replacing the battery would be prohibitively expensive, since you cannot repurpose the charger or integrate with the dashboard.

(Normsthename) #58

I believe that my Battery lease runs out in January 2019
That will be two 3 year terms that I have done.
Will Renault offer me another 3 years on what will be a 9 year old battery at the end of another 3 years?
I use my Twizy almost every day and the battery still seems to be in great condition for 6 years old and almost 25,000 miles


(osbrook) #59

After 6 years at £45 a year is roughly the price of the battery. Except you have had admin, guarantee and a out of batter service fees included.

So years 7-9 are all profit for Renault.

The battery is estimated by Renault at having a 10 year life span before hitting the 20-25% loss. Therefore I expect at the end of year 9 they will withdrawn support to fix the battery as it will become too expensive. What they do with the battery is anybodies guess - Sell it to you or give it you or reduce the monthly payments and remove the guarantee. This last is most likely unless they are sure the battery will be fine up to year 12.

(DaniJ) #60

With great support from the PowerBox inventor Kenneth, there is now a different battery in our twizy. We build it over the past 6 months and learned alot. The communication programming between the bms and twizy was only possible due to PowerBox expertice, which has been invaluable. Thanks so much Kenneth!
I’m currently running real world test on it, and thought I would share.
I’m very delighted to see it has driven 123,6km on a single charge, and still having 18% remaining. The test has been carried out over multiple trips and days. It is done on regular roads around here, which are mostly flat astphalt, and temperatures between 0 to +10 Celsius. The speeds has been ranging from mainroad speeds up to 80kmt and down to city trafic at around 40kmt. Of course the range is much better at lower speeds.
Will upload some photos when I have more time.