Changing batteries


(Klaas Van Den Berghe) #81

hey dani.

A question. I want to build a battery for my twizy by a firm. do you know the specs from the battery? 56 V 14 celles, … but what els? and how big?



(Toby) #82

Hi Faisal,

I would go for an aftermarket battery as you can get lower weight or higher / longer range.

I wonder if the β€œdead” battery is linked by serial number to your car as people who have the lease may be interested in buying it to return to Renault?

(Dimitar Atanasov) #83

Hello Twizy fans … I am proud to be a member of your community … Will be preparing and what I know about Twizy I will explain it in diagrams and detailed analyzes.?!