Charge points in west yorkshire - ledds / bradford area

(Julianh) #1

Does anyone know of any public points, I looked on zero carbons site, but there appears to be nothing central.

Nothing in Leeds centre, Birstal retail park, Bradford has a Renault point. But that’s it.

Makes me feel live I’m living with Luddites.


(osbrook) #2

Lots of us outside London and Brecon feel like that. Work will not let me charge either.

(ecofunkytravel) #3

Here in Brecon we have no public - in the sense of publicly provided - charge-points either. But we have 40 friendly pubs etc who will run a lead through the window. Our visitors sign new ones up all the time! There are also 8 (?) grown up Zero Carbon World charge points, but you might need an adapter for some of them.

(system) #4

Please do offer all your favourite locations a free Charging Station :smiley:

You’ll need Nikki’s Type 2 upgrade to use your Twizy with public charging locations going forward, but with luck that will also give you 16A charging 8-|

(powickh) #5

Only Public charging I have managed to use have been at large ASDA’s otherwise I have had to knock on peoples doors (There are some very nice people around who will let you charge and give you a cup of tea while you charge) Unfortunately I have run out of charge several times late at night then tried late night fast food restaurants. Once Pushed mine the last mile home. Last resort use Renault recovery.

(AlBal) #6

Ah It finally happened to me too, i ran out of charge for the first time this morning after having a damsel in distress call from my girlfriend last night i gallantly leapt onto (into) my noble steed and sped to her rescue (she is a student teacher and needed a hand with todays lessons) unfortunately i didnt quite get the range right and ended up doing 25mph on a 40mph road about 4 miles from home with my battery warning flashing at me so i pulled into a Co-Op supermarket and luckily the staff were lovely and let me charge up my car from a socket in their delivery area. I just spent half an hour sitting in the sun chatting with delivery men and showing off my car to curious members of staff and then i was off back home to finish charging it up :).

Its great how having this car shows you how friendly and helpful people can be.