Charging throughout Europe


Just drove roughly 1500 miles from southern Finland to the north-east of England. We had a few hiccups along the way but I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else has experience of charging in mainland Europe. We charged in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium using the Plugsurfing, Virta, Fortum Charge & Drive apps. I’ve now signed up for Newmotion as Plugsurfing isn’t that reliable. It would start charging stations ok but wouldn’t stop them, so I had to ring local customer services (twice in Germany, once in The Netherlands) and ask them to stop the charge remotely.

I came across one non-starting charging station in Belgium, but all others were powered on and reliable.

The CYC app in the UK seems somewhat unreliable, but Pod-Point and Ecotricity were really good - way more reliable than I’d expected.

Has anyone here used NewMotion? I ordered the card last week and it arrived at my parents while I’m in the UK so we’ll probably try charging using the NewMotion RFID card in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on our way home.


Been using the NewMotion RFID card for a few days now. What an improvement! Get one if you intend to drive abroad.


Can’t comment on NewMotion but as you say Ecotricity are very reliable. Would definitely recommend them for motorway driving in the UK. I also have a Polar subscription which I think is definitely worth it for the £7.95 per month as they have charge points everywhere.