Citroen Ami


Top Gear | Citroen Ami

Citroen’s new EV for it’s 100 year anniversary. Some keys points:

  • 100% electric, battery in the floor

  • Limited top speed of 30mph

  • Classified as a heavy quadricycle

  • Concept (for now)

What’s everyone’s thoughts? Looks fab to me but limited top speed would rule it out for me as I drive to work on some derestricted country roads.

(askho) #2

Love it !! Although the top speed of 30mph is off putting.

(James Cook) #3

Looks like the kind of vehicle I can imagine will be ferrying people around cities in the not too distant future. Imagine they can self drive and you request one like you do an Uber. 30mph is perfect for inner city London for example.

(David) #4

I like the design and where I live in Oxford all roads have a top speed of 20, so perfect. Just the cost and no battery lease to think about then I would be interested. But would not attract attention like my Twizy for my business!