Clear OEM Renault windows

Hello Luis,
I plan to order a pair of windows but I am still balancing between clear and tinted ones. I am fearing that the tinted ones would be too “tinted” for me. Do you have any advice ? Thanks Jean-Michel (France)

I have the tinted ones and I really don’t see an issue with those. They look much darker from the outside than from the inside.

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Many people like the tinted windows. They’re not very dark and you can easily see outside or even inside the Twizy.

For those that are looking for clear windows, I have one more remaining. 465euro with shipping included.

Clear and tinted windows are coming in next week on the 10th. I have 10 clear sets arriving and 9 are already bought. I’ll have more windows the following week. Really sorry for the delay on the clear windows for those people that have bought already.

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Clear and tinted windows are back in stock and ready for shipping.

For those people who have placed an order for clear windows, all the orders are going out on Friday. Sorry for the delay, and a big thank you for all the people that have bought a set already, I have a few new things coming soon.

Email sent. Please also remove your personal email from the form.

did you already send windows to Belgium.If so, how much did he pay for additional fees (customs fees, paper and customs file, tax …)?

Just installed my windows, ordered from Luis’ ebay page. They fit great! Installation was quick and easy.

They close very tightly, you actually have to push the window slightly outwards to be able to open the door.

I didn’t install the velcro straps yet, as the instruction said they should be installed above +15C and it’s -7C here… :cold_face: But the windows are very tight even without them.

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It’s ok to install the velcro. The glue would be better in hotter weather, you can also use a hair dryer to heat the plastic a little. Just please don’t drive around without the velcro straps.

Got your clear Windows. They are great. Quick and good contact.
Thanks Luis

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Thank you for trusting me. If you can post some pictures that would be great. Thank you

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Hi Luis,
now my pictures in this forum. With a very small solution for fixing the windows when the door is closed. And off course my happy dog.



Hi uwedom, Is that a headed seat cover? Looks like a nice fit, where did you get it from and do you power it from the 12v socket?

Love it! Your dog is super cute.

Hi Chris,
there is a heating under the cover. The cover itself is made oft two covers which are fixed together at the back. Quiet difficult to declare:
Form top to bottom

  1. blue cover complete
  2. the heating
  3. the Twizy chair
  4. Second cover, but only the top sewed to the back of the complete cover

The energy comes from the little box standing belowe the seat. It’s a LiPo starting aid for cars. Easy to take with you and refresh it at home.

Hope you understood my explanations


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Perfectly Uwe, many thanks.

Windows are coming in hot and ready for the Winter season. Both clear and tinted windows are stocked and ready to be shipped out.

For those who placed orders, they’re all going out today. Thank you :pray:t2: