Clear rear lens for tail light & repeater lights. Are they available?


(Martin Lynch) #1

As the subject header asks. Looking at replacing my almost 4 year old Twizy indicator orange lenses and rear centre lamp cluster with clear types.

Any ideas? Also will take the opportunity to chance all the bulbs with LED types.

And finally… The rubber mats option for the Twizy at £45 are they worth it? Mine hasn’t got any at all…

(Mike) #2

Instead of clear lenses, why not wrap them in spi film. I did all the lights on my smart car. It’s a mesh as opposed to a tint, so you don’t lose any light emission.

The top lights have spi film on, the bottom ones don’t. The bottom ones are reflectors.

(Martin Lynch) #3

That’s a good alternative but I do have a liking for clear lenses!! I must admit I have yet to see any so maybe they aren’t easily available. I’ll keep looking though.

(Roel) #4

The clear ones are HERE

The ones with smoke glass are for sale HERE

And this is how they look on my Twizy:

With chrome bulbs it will be the best. Now the orange is faintly visible.

(this picture is from my stabilizers-who-needs-them fase)

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(Martin Lynch) #5

Excellent - I have just ordered.

(Martin Lynch) #6

So come on guys - how an earth do you change the lenses? I.e. how do you get to change a bulb in the indicators front and rear please? Also, do you know if they can be swapped for LED type without worry on SERV cambus light?

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(Martin Lynch) #7

Hmm… no takes but figured it out anyway.

Can some one help though please?? If you look at the standard indicator lenses you will see there are two pieces of silvered plastic inside the each lens that assists in reflecting.

Can someone PLEASE tell me should the plastic reflectors inside the lens be at 12 and 6 o’clock or a quarter two and quarter past? They are about 25mm wide each and mounted on the holder but protrude up inside the lenses.

(osbrook) #8

They are set at Quarter too and Quarter Past. Poor picture of Offside Front.

(Peter) #9

I’m interested in finding clear lenses with a view to fitting some kind of combined indicator and DRL.

I’ve found nothing other than a Youtube video with a Twizy that appears to have some fitted.

I’ve sent the guy a message, asking where he got them.

(Kuki Bajker) #10

I tried it, unsuccessful. First, they swapped + and - pole on the bulbs in the factory, so I switch them in the right way. When I put some LED’s in, they blinked too fast… No SERV light, but just to fast. So I put back the original bulbs.
I also try to put some LED’s in the rear. Reverse Light works perfect, but on the position/brake bulbs there is SERV light when the brake pedal is pressed.

So I have now LED+s only for front lights (Nitecore H4 and Osram position bulbs) and for reverse light (one realy strong from eBay). And also have interior LED light with LED strip on aluminium housing

(Peter) #11

Thanks for this information.

If I could find clear lenses it may still be an option to fit them with LED daytime running lights but amber filament lamps for the indicators.

(Martin Lynch) #12

Twizy towing a trailer. Is there an end to its talents??!!

(Peter) #13

The Youtube guy couldn’t remember where he got them from but I’ve found a couple of options on eBay.

The first is a Hella unit, which, out of the two, I prefer the look of but would require wiring modification.

The second is made by the OEM manufacturer (Farba) and I’m assuming would be a direct replacement.

What I’m considering is putting together one of the above with these to end up with combined indicator / DRL units at the front.

(Max M4X WW) #14

I’m amazed you found the Clear ‘Farba’ lights online - I swear I looked on ebay but didn’t find anything!

I am halfway through fitting the Hella lenses to mine (smoked). The fronts were easy, making up a little harness with the correct plug on one end and 2.8mm spades on the other end.

The rears are tricky as the space terminals rub the chassis - I’m going to try ‘flag’ terminals to hopefuly give more clearance.

The Farba lights would be a lot easier, but I think I prefer the smoked look.

(Max M4X WW) #15

(Peter) #16

They look good.

After ordering all of the above parts I received a message from the Farba light seller, telling me they’re not available!

I’m a bit disappointed but considering the Hella ones myself.

(Max M4X WW) #17

Fair enough, Hella do clear ones also and the male ‘plugs’ are available on ebay if you are handy with soldering and crimping.