Coilover suspension upgrade


(Luis Jaramillo) #1

So I’m just taking a survey in how many people would be interested on upgrading their suspension on the Twizy. Price isn’t set yet. Great for adjusting the ride height and a little better ride comfort. I’ll post more information later when I finish working out the fine details.
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I’d be interested to see some testing videos with these fitted - e.g. how they will keep the tyres on the ground under extreme circumstances.

(Martin Lynch) #3

Count me on as long as they’re not silly money.

(Luis Jaramillo) #4

Hi Martin, the whole kit with shipping is going to be around 620euro.

(Martin Lynch) #5

I’m sure it’s well worth the cost but my coil overs for my MX-5 weren’t much more than that. It really would be down to how it transforms the handling if indeed it does. At that price I really would want to see a huige difference.

(Luis Jaramillo) #6

You can actually feel the difference. Way better over bumps, about 30% better handling. The thing is that shipping isn’t cheap from here. I can always use ground shipping which would be cheaper but it would take around 90+ days for the package to arrive. Also this suspension isn’t really being mass produced. Not many Twizy owners out there want to upgrade the suspension. And around here, maybe a handful of Twizy owners upgraded their suspension.

(Wayne Parslow) #7

Interested but would need to know they would make a major difference