Coilover suspension upgrade


(Toby) #22

I installed the comfort kit today, it transforms the ride. I prefer this to no roll bars as it still reduces the lean once you initially get the suspension weighted up. You can also adjust the pre-load a little to tune the ride to suit. Massive improvement over standard and well worth the 60 euros.

(Chris) #23

I’ve been looking at the Twizy comfort kit too. Where are you based? I was worried about the UK MOT test if I fitted these, any comments?
So to summarize, installing the comfort kit essentially allows the suspension to do its job but there is some initial roll in corners until the comfort kit spring is compressed right?
So if you hit a pothole mid corner you will get a big jolt, but I guess that’s the compromise.

(Toby) #24

You do not get as much jolt from a pot hole as the suspension is able to work more.
MOT would not notice it or care, if you disconnected the anti roll bar but did not remove it then that would fail.

There is a little more roll on corners but not huge. If you wanted to you could tighten down the springs a little more and it would reduce it a little more.

I am based 20 miles south of Guildford.