Collective Noun - New Forest Twizys

(Trevor) #1

I need help selecting a collective noun for a gaggle of Twizys. Why?

Well here in the New Forest I bought one last May. The guy across the road bought one after he saw ours. The hotel down the road in Brockenhurst bought one and the New Forest initiative bought 16 of which 9 are already here.

So we have a bit of a flock in the forest. A plethora. A wing. A surfeit.


Wouldn’t it just be a fleet of Twizys? Or is that too boring? lol

(Julianh) #3

Surely it’s a “Twiz” of twizys

(Trevor) #4

Its not boring James. Its just that with its cute character and unique looks, Twizy could have another collective. A co-op of Twizys :smiley:

(mender) #5


A twitter of Twizys
An electrification of Twizys

A pair could be a twain of Twizys or twinset of Twizys

(Bassflex) #6

A charge of Twizys

(mender) #7

Superb :cool:

(Trevor) #8

Love it :slight_smile:

(ecofunkytravel) #9

Down here, it’s a BATTERY of Twizys.

(system) #10

Whatever the name, are any of you going to the meetup in the south next week?


(mender) #11

Ace too :slight_smile:

(Trevor) #12

Whoa 40.4 miles door to door. In January. On the motorway. If it was the summer I would attempt it as I have done Southampton and back 40 miles with a couple of bars left but in low temperatures I think I would be pushing it.

BTW I have the Renault Windows and what a difference. I don’t wear a hat anymore

(TwizyWindows) #13

A flock or shoal of…?

(system) #14

An invasion of twizy’s :mrgreen:

(powickh) #15

A Troop of Twizy’s