Continuous 0.2 Amp draw on 12 battery


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Interesting. Does your charger charge the battery? Be careful about the switch. I’d rather leave it as is and only pull out when parked for long periods. Current draw can be 20A+, there can be heating due to bad contacts or thin wires.


Yes the charger Is 2012 and charge normally when it’s plugged or when Twizzy is on, ok.

About current, the switch is marked 15A and In this configuration you can consider 30A.

In fact the current is never high here. On the road I think it can’t be high because the charger would supply the 12 V for lights directly, don’t pas thru this fuse I think.

When starting the twizy it consumes very few.

Only if the battery is low after some long time twizy off, can have some large pushing on the road or plugging the twizy, don’ Know how much.

I planned to install a serious battery switch, but now I think this maybe enough.

Now I started to make a device to put the charger on when the sun is strong only. If sun is low, shut off.

Small solar panel on roof as sensor, control box with solid state relay at twizy’s charging outlet, and some arduino logic


Because I am on solar off grid system and it would not be clever to pump my main battery to charge the twizy.

This way it would only take « the excess sun ».
Not perfect system, but simple system , would need lots of engineering to do it really well.


I monitored idle current for long time, and yes, it does drop below 20mA for me too.
If such is your case, then you don’t need to worry, you have no malfunction! No need for a battery switch. If it’s not broken, don’t fix…


I do have to worry. After one hour, yes I’ve got 20mA, so how my battery even with 1/5 capacity left can be down after 1 or 2 days ?

It’s not the 20mA, it’s something else.

I have the idea it will draw much more randomly, I can’t keep monitoring all day, all night during 1 or 2 days.

Only the maker knows what the twizy is doing at night !

I prefer use a switch, then I am totally safe, wouldn’t find the new battery down at all.

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