Door Struts

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You can´t buy them yet :neutral_face:
And you can´t buy them from me.

They will be available at the usual distributors that sell stabilus.

there are a few tests pending.
Hopefully they will be on stock end of march.
But no prize yet.

The substitute ones for the Twizy with 690N from the same manufacturer were about 30-40€ a peace.
You can´t compare this with ones from china on alibaba for 10-20€

For the battery lease I have to check.
But maybe we handle this in an other thread or via PM.

Are you still on the German Board :smiling_imp:

We have some threads about this topic on there.
I personally have some experience with RCI :slight_smile:

They say there might be ones as soon as April, but most oft the parties involved think that it will at least take an other 3 years to clear all the law rubble out of the way.

I still do not know how the will enforce these new rules?
There is no way to tell if a Car has a Diesel or Ottoengine from far away.

And the Police certainly are no experts in guessing the age of a specific car model.

So without a “blue” badge, like the Goverment of Baden-Würtenberg has demanded, there will be no ban.


Are these strong struts dangerous in the sense you open door and let it fly forward? Will it not damage the door? I have heavy windows on doors. In fully open position it tends to drag the door all forward once opened. I really fear if I don’t hold the door while it goes up, it will rip off the car! My struts are original but the door is very heavy to open. I’m considering new struts, but what about forward stopping problem?


Hey there! How to buy struts with dyna dampers?

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Right back to the original post and idea. I was trying to find a good value replacement for the OE strut. The original order arrived ad was fitted. This was a 700n unit and was fitted when the temperature was -2c . It worked better that the ones it replaced but after feedback from other members I decided to try a higher rated one given the small amount of extra cost involved (only £3.39 extra) So I ordered a 850N one with a slightly wider body to cope with the extra force.

It fitted straight in without a problem and the results are pleasing and in 2c it works without any intervention at all.

It total one costs £29.06 inc VAT and delivery or £53.33 for a pair as shown below. I will try to work out how to upload a video of them.

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Finally got the video. This is the 850n strut.

(Chris) #17

The view from the inside on the buffer with the 850N strutt.


Are there any step-by-step replacement instructions?

(Chris) #19

I will sort be out in a couple of weeks when I do the other side… but basically:-

  1. remove the glove box.
  2. remove the headlight (undo the three screws without the springs. This way you won’t change your beam alignment)
  3. Open the door
  4. remove the black spring clips off the ends of the original strut.
  5. supporting the weight of the open door… pop the strut off the ball joint at each end.

In the words of every Haynes manual refitting is the reverse of removal.

Depending on the type of ends you use on the strut… if possible slide the clip on the new strut as far As possible before you fit it. Making sure to leave the section open to fit over the ball. Then once in place slide it the rest of the way to lock it into place.
I will get photos in a couple of weeks when I do the other side.


What worries me is my heavy DIY windows. In the “up” position they tend to add weight that pulls the door further forward. It basically wants to go on opening and flip over. I fear that if I do not hold the door it will crush the rubber that is on your video. And then it will like break off the car. Maybe it is just unfounded paranoia of mine.

(Chris) #21

If they are DIY windows then it’s hard to comment. All you could do would be to try them. The beauty of this is you can order them individually so you can try one first… the company I’ve used offers a no quibble return policy as well.
So try it and watch the inside before you build it all back up.


How critical are body length and stroke parameters?

I am looking for Stabilus LIFT-O-MAT of 285mm length, but can’t source any models either for 819 or 1022…

(Chris) #24

HIn a word… Very !
The overall length must be 270mm for them to fit. Any longer and you won’t get them in place. The stroke length has a little tolerance ± 5mm but the overall length is crucial.


Thanx. I am wondering of ball fittings. On that website you quoted they offer lenths 19 and 25mm for a 10mm ball. Which one to buy?


OK I’ve removed the left side strut and can measure it directly

Oh pain - they don’t ship to Russia. Wrote them a letter.

(Luka Djuraskovic) #27

The 85kg are safe, no damages for 2 years now. Nakos i ship to Russia , 50 are the struts of 85kg and dont know the shipping.

(Gaz) #28

Any help appreciated.
Sorry to revive the strut topic but your video shows my problem. I have recently purchased a 2014 Twizy with 750 miles on the clock. It had been used as a promotion vehicle so was wrapped, a few small things broken but generally all good. When sitting in the vehicle the right hand door seem to over extend and hit metal to metal where as the left door is cushioned by the rubber buffer. I have removed the front light to gain access and I found the rubber block had come off and was lying inside the body. It seems to have a pin on which to locate and sits in a groove. Its been put back in but I got out today (3 days later) and the door hit metal to metal again which probably means it has fallen off again. Cheers

(Diego Moreno) #29

Hi Chris,
Very useful recommendation, I bought the struts from SGS (880N). Do you know if it is possible to adjust the damping, so they slow down when reaching the full length (Full opened)?

(Diego Moreno) #30

Hi Gaz,
There is a video here in the forum where another member did a "home fix" of a similar issue using a bicycle inner tube; that could be useful for you.

(Gaz) #31

Cheers Diego I will try to hunt it down.

(Bill Martin) #32

I replaced mine with Alexakos 1000N struts earlier this year and the result is great. The work is a little fiddly (not difficult) and the risk of the little spring clip fixers disappearing into the Twizy’s bowels is quite high. I got around this by tying lengths of fine monofilament onto them before fitting. Good luck!