Easy Twizy wheel tracking video

(Normsthename) #21

I drove the Twizy to my local Tesco Superstore.
The car park is huge and empty on a Sunday morning so lots of space to adjust the Tracking.
I’ve adjusted all 4 wheels, the rears were both showing a lot to toe-in as others have predicted.
The front near side tyre has not worn much in 15,000 miles and was only showing a fractional adjustment required.
The offside front had already been adjusted with the string method and need a small adjustment.

For reference the rear Tiebar requires a 13mm Spanner, the front Tiebar is 16mm and the Locknuts are 22mm


(Peter) #22

Having recently bought my Twizy I found the wheel alignment to be awful.

The steering wheel was off level and it was always wanting to turn, rather than drive straight, suggesting the front wheels were toeing out.

Unfortunately I couldn’t use the string method as my front and rear tyres are different sizes. On the rear the tyre protrudes more than the rim but on the front it’s the other way round.

A few years ago I made a tracking device for my Audi TT, which I hoped to modify for the Twizy.


Unfortunately the design of the alloy wheels meant I couldn’t use the same idea.

I first checked the track width of the front and rear wheels, which appears to be the same on the Twizy.

After that I measured the difference between the face of the tyres and the rims between front and back.

Having these figures I then applied my tracking tool to the tyres. This wasn’t ideal but there was little choice!

With the steering wheel straight I worked out the following figures (difference across wheel):

Left wheel 5.06mm toe out
Right wheel 0.63mm toe in
Total 5.06mm toe out

After shortening the left hand side track control arm by 1 full turn I got the following:

Left wheel 0.63mm toe in
Right wheel 0.63mm toe in
Total 1.26mm toe in

I’m sure this isn’t super accurate but I’m pleased to be able to say the handling is much better and the wheel is now pretty much straight.

I’d like to get all four wheels adjusted correctly but who can do it?

(Peter) #23


After downloading a workshop manual, I have since found out the toe specification for each wheel is 0 +/- 1 degree.

The 0.63 mm across the wheel, which achieved, equates to approximately 0.1 degree.

I have an idea on how to modify my TT tracking device to suit the Twizy’s wheels so will revisit this at some point.

1 degree tolerance seems huge - That’s ~6mm across the wheel!