EQ servicing costs / frequency

(Gary) #1

Hi All.

Ordered my new Smart EQ Cabrio on Valentine’s Day (I’m ever the bridesmaid so why not!). Was wondering what the servicing costs / frequency are in view of the fact it has no ICE and other conventional ICE shenanigans?




I pay £13 per month which covers my first 4 years of servicing. I think it’s just a standard service per year. Did your dealer not go through the options with you?

I also paid £199 up front for alloy wheel refurbishing insurance. This covers up to 18 refurbishments which I thought was a pretty good deal!

(Gary) #3

I think the dealer will chat through this when I go to pick the car up. He’s mentioned the various paint and alloy wheel packages along with the Gap insurance but I’ve advised I’ll not take any of them (though might reconsider the alloy wheel option).

I wonder what is serviced as there is no ICE, so minimal fluids to check etc, far fewer moving parts. £13 a month sounds like a pretty good deal if it covers everything (besides wear and tear items like tyres etc).

(m1n1s) #4

i’m on the second service of my forfour ED just been quoted 141.20 pounds and the dealer finally hooked me up to the EQ app :rofl: