First shipment to Europa of Twizy made in Korea


According to this website (in French) the first shipment to Europa of 142 Twizy made in South Korea has started.
I don’t think that they are already available as here in France it is almost impossible to get a brand new Twizy from a Renault dealer and when you ask them they says that the Twizy will be back in stock in December.
I wonder if there is any difference between the Korean Twizy and the Spanish one.

(Christian) #2

I found the story on the Korean Yonhap News Agency - there you may also see the well packed Twizys before being shipped to Europe:
The tecniocal specs don’t seem to differ from the Twizys produced at the Valladolid plant: 12,6 kW of power, 6,1 kWh battery capacity.
There is though one interesting accessory, so far not offered on European produced Twizys - the side windows. They are available in two variants as you may see from the Twizy Korea catalogue:

(Luis Jaramillo) #3

I’m actually the official exporter for those windows. The second option is just the stock Renault windows. The first option comes in both tinted and non-tinted.

(Yillbyung Lee) #4

New Korean made?/assembled Twizzys are on sale and available in Korea now.
And there seems to be little difference except one low running light on the front bumper.

(Halim) #5

I want to buy a Windows for my twizy!
No tinted
How should i proceed?

(Alejandro) #6

Such missed opportunity to upgrade the battery with the new cells the Zoe now has…it would have increased range with no need of redesigns