Forum Runner Mobile App

(James Cook) #1

I thought it was about time that I added some mobile functionality to the site so the site is now compatible with an app called Forum Runner. This is available on both Android and iOS.

Unfortunately it isn’t free, it’s £1.50 but it makes using the site on a smartphone a much better experience.

Just thought I would let you all know as I know some of you like accessing from iPhones and iPads etc.

(James Cook) #2

Forgot to mention…

This also allows you to subscribe to threads and get a push message on your phone if there are replies etc.

(system) #3

I had a look at that but the review of the app wasn’t great. Have you found it to be reliable? I’m on Android 4.

(James Cook) #4

It works fine for me on iOS. Granted, it is a little basic, but it does the job. Just thought I would add it as an option for people in case they use this already.

(Buzby) #5

An old post I know, but I thought I’d give the app a try - excellent! It converts to an iPad native app and gives you access to acres of screen space and the camera. Good value!

(system) #6

Do try the charge point Application as well. you will enjoy it… a very good and needed application.

(James Cook) #7