Handbrake follow up issue

(Paul Chapman) #1

So a while back I posted about the handbrake failing, which Renault have replaced at a small discount but not under warranty.

I got the car back, and immediately noticed that the handbrake still does not stay in the ‘down’ position, ie, you release it to go, push all the way forwards and before it broke, it would stay all the way, however now, it bounces back about an inch, and at times when going over a hump it then triggers the Handbrake on warning and for all I know is engaging the handbrake.

When I complained to Renault, they said that it was normal for the handbrake to have some travel (which I get), however not enough that it moves about an inch and sets off the sensor.

Does anyone else have a handbrake that exhibits this behaviour? Especially if you have had it replaced.


(osbrook) #2

Sounds wrong to me. Mine stay s down - Unless I over tighten the cables :slight_smile:

(Frank Demes) #3

Total BS what your garage has said.

The Lever will be pulled back by the springs in the handbrake mechanism of the back break calipers.

It should stay firm and snug in the lower position.

If not, you have three possible situations.

  1. The wire of the break lenghened over time.
    Pretty impossible, the forces involved are to low.
    Even after years.

  2. There is dirt in the bowden cable that prevents the lever to return into it´s normal position.
    Still very unlikly.

  3. The handbreak mechanism of the back calipers is
    stuck. 99% of the time !

If your you do not fix this, your back break discs get „shredded“ in a few months and you face a repair of up to 800-900£

Just check if the small levers in the calipers move, if you pull the break and if they return to 90 degrees when you release the break.

If not, let them fix that!

If it is really bad, you might have to replace the calipers.
If you still got warrenty, this will be covered by it, since it is a common problem on the twizy.
Just contact renault if the garage does make it difficult for you.

(Jeffinergiraffe) #4

Without sounding too gloomy, this was the straw that broke the Twizy owner’s back for me. My handbrake lever would not stay down and the handbrake light kept coming on. It took a bit of persuasion while driving along but eventually, the light and warning stopped. Then one day, I got to work and there was no handbrake at all. The car was taken on a pick up truck to the dealer and they said the cable and brake calliper was broken. That was the 3rd July 2018. Despite making numerous phone calls, writing letters etc. etc. the part still wasn’t in come September. All this time I had to pay battery rental of course even though the Twizy was sitting outside at the dealer. (They told me it was in the workshop - ha ha - it was outside in all weathers). I told them I had had enough and so I bought a Twingo. I had to stay with Renault - no-one else would touch it. They wanted to still charge me for the parts and repair for it - even though the part wasn’t in the country!! We compromised and did a deal.

To be honest it was Renault who killed the electric experience with their attitude and battery rental. The door failed (a door on a normal car would never break) . The throttle stuck. Then the brake. All common problems that they deny. Such a shame they don’t support EV drivers.

(Paul Chapman) #5

Looks like I was lucky in getting the part in and fixed - the handbrake is now back to how I expected it to work.

Thanks everyone for your feedback

(James Cook) #6

Honestly I’m not just saying it because I have one, but for me the new Smart EQ is everything the Twizy could (and maybe should) have been.

I realise it’s double the price, but I would recommend one to any Twizy owners past or present that love the driving style of the Twizy and its small form factor but have been left a bit disappointed with Renault’s service and attitude.

(Paul Chapman) #7

Yeah agree, would just love to find one locally to test drive and see for myself