Hazard Light Button Fail


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Hey guys,

I’ve mentioned this to my contact at Renault, and he said. “We weren’t aware of a problem with the hazards, but that’s not to say it isn’t an issue. I’ll put it to our technical department. We can see that 4 were replaced recently, but nothing reported by the dealers. I suggest affected owners go into nearest ZE dealer for warranty.”

So… if it’s a problem, make sure you go to your dealer with it – and make sure they tell Renault there’s a problem! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nikki. Been meaning to book mine in for the last week. Was going to take a drive down there on Saturday, but the service dept at my local Renault is closed at weekends!!! How ridiculous is that? Don’t they realise most people work full time?

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Mine are playing up, its been recovered in today for sticking throttle again…
See post under Dealer Experinces

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Hi all, I have had three battery faults this weekend, presuamably due to the hazards… one where after a run out I couldn’t engage drive. Battery symbol on the display appeared and the RED stop light wouldn’t disengage so prevented drive. I gave the car a short shove backwards and it was fine… also had a full charge but no go, and the random flashing while travelling. Sticking throttle with the damp cold and snowy weather today. Resisting going to the dealer until half term next week so I don’t have to keep returning when they can’t find a fault.

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I took apart the button today as it was getting unstabile. And in short: Its crabby made!
Its a thin piece of plastic which easily breaks.
Button base on the left, where the tigny white plastic pin is attached to a switch.
The white piece on the right is piece which has a spring and the part which we press on. It has the hazard triangle as front cover.
As pressing on the button (the white plastic to the right) the pin on the base part travels in the track on the side of the white top part. It seams this plastic pin has/had an angled piece following the track, and thus is exposed to the forces from pressing, and the spring moving the button back out. Made to break!

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they are cheap to replace , see elsewhere on here where to buy for a few pounds each.

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Ok thanks. Care to share a weblink, I didnt find any yet.
Ok found it through your profile

came across these which I’ve now ordered as they are seamingly on stock in europe.

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yep buy them in boxes of 10 and change one a year :rofl: