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Taking delivery of a 2018 For4 next week and looking to charge it at home overnight on 3 pin socket- however stated 3.6kW charging rate gives current higher than 13Amp plug fuse. Can any owners clarify please?

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The Granny lead will not draw more than 10amps - Just because the on board charger is capable of 3.6KW doesn’t mean it will draw that. The lead has a protocol resister fitted that tells the charge what power is available.

At 10amps (2.4KW) will take longer to charge though.

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Thank you for the info- just as I thought after inspecting a photo of the spec on the lead! We’re intending to charge each night so slow charge is not an issue.

I have read that the 13amp charging should only be done occasionally and not continually.

“It’s useful to have a 3 pin charging cable as a backup charging option, but they are not designed to withstand these loads and should not be used long term”

I have a new ForTwo on order and was planning to charge overnight via the Granny plug. I have not read any literature that says this method should only be used for backup. I would be grateful for advice from owners on this topic

Better explain that to the Twizy owners! They always use a 3 pin lead. :slight_smile:
However a proper charge point is better if you can get one fitted where you are.

My ForTwo EQ will be two-years-old in July and I’ve predominantly been charging it using the 230VAC cable. I’ve not had any trouble at all and the car’s driven around 32000km. Plus, the slower charge allows me to take advantage of off-peak electricity during the night as I can’t get access to the EQ app. (it’s not in use in all countries)

It normally gets fully charged at work during the day on 230VAC (after a 58km/39 mile journey) and then topped up at home during the late evening/night on 230VAC. I don’t use the Type-2 cable at home so often, but it gets used 2 - 4 times a month at public stations.

Hi Dave,
I bought my ForFour last year and charged using the 13amp charger without problem. From a low state of charge you will charge up in about 6 hrs, so more than enough time to charge over night. I now have a 7kw charge point which typically charges the car in about 2 hrs, but that depends on how I’ve used the car. If you have somewhere to park off road, I would recommend the 7kw wall box, but it’s not essential, the 3kw 13amp plug charger works perfectly.

Thanks to all for your responses- have been charging on 3 pin plug since receipt of brilliant Four4 yesterday. Can usually switch off before bedtime as fully charged by then.

Thanks Hymae for your reply and attachment. I’m not sure about the information in the guide though as it comes from IPod who are in the business of installing wall boxes. What Granny users need is a document setting out the reasons why this type of charging is dangerous or damaging. Thanks also to Stuart for providing a real world example of Granny charging. I have had a 230 volt socket installed in my garage which has it’s own consumer unit. The work was carried out by an electrical contractor who also fits wall boxes. I hope I’ve done the right thing - comments appreciated.