Horn Location

(Normsthename) #1

The MOT is looming up fast and the horn has decided to stop working.
Checked the 15A Fuse (Swapped with another in the fuse box) and that was fine.
I use the horn a lot so it’s not through lack of use!
Does anyone know where it hides?


(Sebastian Krigholm) #2

Orginal video


(Normsthename) #3

Thanks for the Information, that helps a lot! :smiley:


(Sebastian Krigholm) #4

You welcome!

(Daniel Reclik) #5

My experience is that it could be broken. I have the same. Simple test: take wite between 60A fuse and the horn. I replaced it (bumper must be disassembled) and now it works. For more info you can write PM to me

(Normsthename) #6

Thanks for the kind offer
I will keep you informed on what I find!


(Normsthename) #7

Stripped the front plastic off the Twizy tonight to get at the horn.
After a lot of swearing I had the horn removed.
First I tried wiring up a headlamp bulb to the wires to see if there was power. Nothing…
Secondly I wired the Horn upto a 12v Supply and it works :confused:
Now what?
Is there a Relay in the circuit?
All the other switches work on the left hand stalk, so I am doubting it could be the button?
Anybody have any ideas?


(Normsthename) #8

Looked at a Wiring Diagram for a Renault Megane 2
I know it’s not the same, but I believe it uses the same Switch Stalk???
Anyway, there’s no relay fitted to the horn circuit on the Megane so guess the Twizy is the same…


(Normsthename) #9

Fixed the Horn :slight_smile:
It was a broken red wire in the left hand Stalk.
Quite difficult to repair because there was not a lot of wire left in the Stalk.
Had to melt & cut some plastic away to get access to enough wire.
Soldered the wire back on and it now works :smiley:
Hope it holds out, new Stalk is £120+ :drooling_face: