How many miles or km and the condition of the battery

So i think i have the highest km in a twizy in colombia. Mine is a 2016 but started driving in oct 2015 and have 65000 km on the clock. But my battery life is at 80%. I have heard it goes downhill very rapidly after that. I had 90% about 2 years ago with about 40000 km or so. My driving style is calm when doing a lot of hills but very fast when going downhill. So what are your kms and batterycondition?

This is most interesting, especially in respect of the way the battery capacity is reducing. You probably have the highest mileage Twizy in the world. Does anyone know of one with more than 65,000 kms or 41,000 miles? My 2013 Twizy has just passed the 5,000 mile mark, so hopefully, i have plenty of battery life left!

It might be. I do about 80 km a day and about 4 or 5 days a week so about 1500 km per month. My twizy is just about paid itself when compared to the money i would have spent in gas and regular car maintenance. I still have 2 other regular cars but just because i love those and for a few chores i still need to use them.

I did 48000km (Belgium) but had the battery changed twice last year. Before that I didn’t notice a drop in range. I drive ‘eco’ in town but also do some 70km/h-roads.

Hi,mine has 54000km and I took it to Renault for a battery service last year(400€!); they drove it twice on a rolling road at 50km/h to depletion and “fed” the battery then declared it still had 75% so I was ineligible for a new one. It performed much better but i live in a very hilly area so rarely get more than 35km (sport mode) and it regularly changes down to “normal” before I get home due to battery temp.

1 year old, 16k km, battery is at 100% soh. But the battery is mine, not rented, therefore I have a great care for it. Usually I do not charge it fully, to prolong its life. And no powerbox and other hungry stuff.

My Twizy is just coming upto 29000 miles here in the UK :grin:
How do you find out what the battery condition is?
Does it have to go to a Renault dealer?


Basically yes but I am not sure. The battery condition is visible on the CAN bus of the vehicle, if you have some technical skills, a OBD-CAN interface to a laptop and an analyzing software, you can connect to OBD port and read it. Frame ID 0x424, byte 6, readout is in procent, 0x64 (decimal 100) means 100%.

Now we need to find either who has that ability or what reader and software is required.
Thanks for the information. Does the Power box provide SOH? Not that I have one.

Yes the powerbox gives you that info. And i suppose the renault scanner. Of all my friends who have tried the powerbox have read 100% but none had more than 15000 kms. My guess is at around 20k it starts going down. Mine like i said reads 80% but in reality i have only seen about 10% decrease in range than when it was new

I have done 20,000 miles and even allowing for it being winter I think I have lost 15-17% . I have done the same journey for the last 7.5 years, so I have a lot of comparison trips.

It would be nice to check what it actually was so I can get the battery fixed before contract renewal or not. :slight_smile: .

If the battery still charges to show 100% does it mean anything? That is no indication that the battery hasn’t lost any capacity, is that correct?

The 100% just shows the battery is not accepting any more charge. ie. the current drawn has dropped off. If you watch it (2 minutes a %) it gets to 97% then slows down as it attempts to carry out some battery cell balancing. But it will still reach 100%

So that 100% does not mean the battery hasn’t lost capacity. Thanks

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I guess the capacity can only really be worked out by low voltage cut off to high voltage cutoff (after charge) and the number of Kw that went in between vs. Original capacity.
So this maybe 3 times for an average.

Correct the 100 when charging does not mean condition of the battery. Mine charges between 98 snd 100% everytime. So since we are talung about this here are my tips on icreasing range and durability

  • i have reduced weight as much as possible
  • try to charge when battery is cold and same use the car whenbattery is col
    -since my uphill ride is verydemanding go smooth and slow basicsly where you feel the csr is been most efficient
    When in extra need of extra baterry i slide the seat all the way to the front so i takea bit of weight from the rear tires
    When not using the car i try to leave the battery at around 40% . I have heard it is the healthies range
    Let us know if anybody has any more ideas or tricks