How many Twizy`s in your country or area?

(william milburn) #21

no second hand, and i bought it from Cornwall, got it transported up. though if i had know that you had to deal with RCI then i would have had second thoughts.

great car but a real shame about RCI and the lease buyout issues, and very unfair on UK owners.

(m1n1s) #22

i’m on the isle of wight , rumour has it three twizys live here although i’ve never seen another one :rofl:

(Samo) #23

In my area is around 15 cars :slight_smile: i live on the coast of slovenia… many of tham so it four the 1st time becaus of me :slight_smile:

(Rob) #24

Billym444 I’m in Newcastle and seriously thinking about buying a one soon so you may have a neighbour only thing that concerns me is the lease tbh.
I was gonna travel through to Durham as on the renault site it said I could test drive one from there would love to just see one in real life tbh I may go to lakes and hire one for a day or two.

(william milburn) #25

sadly ive just sold mine, to a business in newcastle. they have about 5.

(Rob) #26

We’re you not happy with it? What type of business did you sell too? Thaught you had only just bought it.

(Max M4X WW) #27

I live on the Hampshire / Surrey border and I am aware of two in the area - one is on here and the other (a union jack wrapped Twizy!) is not (to my knowledge).