How many Twizy`s in your country or area?

(m1n1s) #22

i’m on the isle of wight , rumour has it three twizys live here although i’ve never seen another one :rofl:

(Samo) #23

In my area is around 15 cars :slight_smile: i live on the coast of slovenia… many of tham so it four the 1st time becaus of me :slight_smile:

(Rob) #24

Billym444 I’m in Newcastle and seriously thinking about buying a one soon so you may have a neighbour only thing that concerns me is the lease tbh.
I was gonna travel through to Durham as on the renault site it said I could test drive one from there would love to just see one in real life tbh I may go to lakes and hire one for a day or two.

(william milburn) #25

sadly ive just sold mine, to a business in newcastle. they have about 5.

(Rob) #26

We’re you not happy with it? What type of business did you sell too? Thaught you had only just bought it.

(Max M4X WW) #27

I live on the Hampshire / Surrey border and I am aware of two in the area - one is on here and the other (a union jack wrapped Twizy!) is not (to my knowledge).

(Magnus 202) #28

In total, we have 414 Twizy (1 Cargo and 99 T45) in Sweden (Stockholm got 118 pcs) I have one of the 99 pcs T45 :blush:

(Pål Andor Østvold) #29

I checked with Renault Norway this week and they said that they have sold 606 Twizys in Norway so far, but there may be some privat imports from outside the country that they dont know of.
My previous numbers were obviously wrong.