How to check SOH with Powerbox?

I don’t have any instructions for my Powerbox and need to check the Battery SOH before I take the plunge and buy the battery outright. :blush:
Does anyone have a PDF of the Powerbox v1 manual?



Hey Andy,

see the screens below, follow in order:

hold down one of these buttons.

press button 2.

press button 1.

B-Health is your SOH.

Thanks a lot for the information :grin:
I will check it tonight and report back my SOH for other members reference.


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I have my doubts about 100% healthy battery after 8000 miles and eight years , plus i always keep the battery topped up to full :rofl:

Also here :relaxed:

Same here :neutral_face:
I checked my Battery Health with the Powerbox and it said 100% on my 2012 Twizy that has done 30,000 Miles.


What’s the most the battery cells charge to?
If they were 4.15v each- mine now charge to 4.08 - so a slight reduction. The batteries are LG cells rated for 15plus years.

yeah , someone makes great batteries :rofl:

How are you able to buy the battery please?

Just phone RCI and have a discussion.
It seems they are now accepting offers - maybe they know something we dont!

Paid for my Battery yesterday :grin:
Cheap Motoring from now on :+1:
By my calculations at todays Petrol and Electricity prices my Twizy is doing the equivalent of 220 Miles to the Gallon :blush:


What do you mean “offers”?