How to make super fast twizy


(Kenneth) #41

use these two to work out kph

with standard Twizy wheels at 1500 RPM is 159 kph which should be more than enough in a Twizy. (do not know if I dare to run that fast))))

(2) And what does it mean that its liquid cooled for 50kw Continuous power? so if smth liquid cooled you have to put somewhere radiator + fan.)
it means it provide 50 kw for a long time when it is liquid cooling and 75 kW for short periods
and yes you must have some form of cooling the liquid

(Alexandr) #42

I have tyre size
215 40 r 17 front
255 40 r 17 back

so if put 4 engines on same rpm of engines it would be different speed of back and front. I just checked that front speed would be maximum 165kph and back would be 179 kph on 1500 rpm. Interesting… Would they make solution to make all 4 wheels synchronized to work properly? I sent them email. Still no answer

(Kenneth) #43

This is no problem for this you can certainly adjust in the ECU controller :slight_smile:

(Michael Nilsson) #44

Kenneth: It may be as you say that the power is on the lower end of the rpm. But when you say that it can have 200hp at 8500rpm without going above 100km/h, the I must say that don’t really understand what you mean. So what differentiates vehicles that has 200hp and will go above 100km/h with vehicles that don’t? (if we now are refering to Twizy size and weight vehicles).

(Kenneth) #45

I mean that if a Twizy engine runs 8500 rpm with 10 hp or 8,500 rpm when it has 200 hp. with standard tires and gearbox so is 8500 rpm 100 km/h no matter of how many hp you have. the difference being is only how fast it reaches 8500 rpm (100 km/h)

based on your post so I understand you so that you believe that 8500 rpm - 25 Nm should be around 115- 120 km/h and not around 100 km/h. or misunderstood I completely here?

one Twizy engine must have 10,000 rpm for driving at 115 km/h

(Michael Nilsson) #46

Kenneth: Ok, then I think I understand what you mean.

Well, the thing is that if you calculate 25Nm at 8500rpm it should be equal to 30hp. If that was true it would still “want” to accelerate, but instead it “stops” at 100km/h. This also means that the 25Nm is not really 25Nm. I would say that it should be closer to 18Nm (or 22hp). Ofcourse this is still a guess, we should have that in mind, but I would be surprised if it really did put out 30hp.

So I guess that you will then say: -The 30hp is lower down in the rpm scale and not as high as 8500rpm. (Correct me if you think otherwize)

-Yes, that might be the case, but if we look at the Nm curve which can be found in the Sevcon setting it is more or less 30hp all the way from 2115rpm (100Nm) and up to 9000rpm where it delivers 23,7Nm. So if the power is “wrong” at 8500rpm, what do you think indicates that it delivers 30hp (or at least more power) lower down in the rpm scale?

According to me it is more likely that the Nm value it is wrong all the way from low to high rpm (maybe approx 30% lower than what is indicated). Byt hey, don’t get me wrong, this is still an assumption from my side and I really want to underlige that I’m open for other thoughts as well, as long as they are possible to understand…

And as I have said before: the powerbox is still a really nice thing to have even if it does not put out 30hp!

(Michael Nilsson) #47

And we should not forget that the standard 17hp, seems to be more like 13hp… So that seems to be wrong as well.

(Kenneth) #48

hehehe but to tell you the truth so I do not know how many a HP it is in Twizy with Power box connected. but I know very well that theoretical HP is not the same as real HP at the rear wheels. If you should find out how much HP it has so you have to put it in an HP test bench and measure it there. this is also why I never talked about how much HP the Power box gives. Only Nm coming from Sevcon controller on the Can-bus :slight_smile:

(Michael Nilsson) #49

I think that people at this forum don’t really care if it does not deliver the promised power, as long as it is possible to get it a little bit faster… :wink:

Anyway, the 13hp (sorry… I forgot that it was actually only 12hp…) is actually a dyno test (coming from a Swedish magazine called Teknikens Värld). The equipment used is called “rototest” and is connected directly on the breakdiscs (no “road roller” is used). The equipment calculates the resistance when it gets the slow down/speed up difference from the gearbox and it should be quite accurate (so I have understood at least…). So I think we can trust this value.

Another thing though that could be interesting for all (even if it is in Swedish - and only you Kenneth can read the text), is the picture coming from above that shows the position of the battery (allthough, i would not trust the weightdistribution - i think they switched the front/rear weight values in %…):

Check the difference of the battery size to the other electric cars and you start to understand why it cannot go further than approx 40miles…:wink:

(Michael Nilsson) #50

Also, i forgot to say (Sorry if i continue to be a bit of topic, bit we did discuss tyres/wheel choice earlier on, so…) that in this magazine they are always driving a kind of slalom test between cones (fully loaded - so they have all passangers and all allowed cargo in the boot). Look at the difference between the top speed between the Tesla and BMW compared to the Twizy. Then be even more amazed by the fact that the Twizy was driven on wet asphalt and the other cars on dry…

I have also seen a summarized list of all vehicles that have been tested on dry as well on wet asphalt, and the Twizy is by far the fastest! :slightly_smiling:


Sometimes it’s best to talk about “the seat of your pants” power. The intelligent Power Box for the Twizy delivers. After doing lots of drag racing and road racing in CA and TX, and owning my own American muscle power shop with a Dyno. I have had a few experiences where one mod can make a significant difference. This Power box does deliver the almost 2x Nm to the car, and today I took it to 63mph ( just not enough road locally to do more) - if there was a go cart race track, I would be wasting my batteries on it :sunglasses: This box solved several issues for me. 1. Steep hill incline acceleration. 2. Mid speed acceleration at 30-35mp tp 55mph. 3. Getting past the 52mph limiter. 4. A better decelerating regen when lifting the accelerator (better cornering and balance). 5. just sheer more FUN!!!

In petrol heads terms. This box is like going from 4 cylinder to a torquey V8 lol - literally 2x the torque :smiling_imp: I have to say that @kennethnilsen69 knows his stuff, and damn it’s a fun box :blush: - going from Crazy Twizy to Crazy Turbo Twizy :smile:

(Roel) #52

You Swedes can say it very clear:
Twizy är fullständigt oduglig att använda som substitut för en vanlig bil, det lär dock inte
hindra uppmärksamhetstörstande pr-byråer från att kasta sig över den UFO-formade

I understand we here on this Forum are a bunch of weirdo’s, having fun with our Twizys. That is no problem for me :grin: :grin:

(Martin Lynch) #53

I’m with Roel on that one!

(Michael Nilsson) #54

I agree with you, the PB is great. So now I have said just that for the forth time (i will risk beeing a fool saying it for the fifth…). But it’s not about that at all. I just want to know the real power so I know what kind of power i will have when I add my additional Curtis 1238-6501 and AC15 motor… So 45+20hp=65hp…

That and a limited slip diff and get rid of the crappy whining std gearbox will do wonders… :wink:

(Michael Nilsson) #55

Haha, yes they are not so positive about the Twizy. However, they have a soft spot for whining/complaining… And Unfortunately, they compared it like it was just another small car…

But I like their way of adding technical information like dyno test, weight distribution (when they get it right ofcourse…) and build structure/component position :slight_smile:


See, the PB is about torque, get up and go power, not so much Bhp which is top end. There are different factors to consider on the Bhp side - gearing (Twizy has one gear) . Bhp rarely makes sense on a simple addition. You have to look at the total power band through the RPMs and see what the before and after on a Dyno delivers, and see how the modification added Bhp on the RPM range graph. Besides of the scientific satisfaction of the Bhp improvements, you then have to rethink the whole car to handle the Bhp increase. Bigger brakes to stop from higher speeds, larger rims to host the bigger brakes, wider tyres to handle larger cornering loads, drive shafts to handle the extra power, then the gearbox, etc… You get the idea. By the time you are done with it all, the chassis and the steering might be the only two stock items left. The great thing about the PB is it takes what you got and takes it to its current limits where the STOP light will turn on when the current is hitting the edge of temperature and amperage across the relay. Utilizing more of what you already have and giving you the choice to use it is “intelligent”. Torque is way more useful than Bhp most times - get up and go in urban areas to zip around, with low speed limits 30-50mph makes the Twizy a little slicer and dicer in traffic. So when it comes to choosing Torque over Bhp - Torque will always win in my book :smiling_imp: and when it comes to the biggest bang for the buck (as they say in American hot roding) the PB wins it - Kenneth delivered an Insane Mode from Tesla to the Twizy :smile: I might just put on mini wheels bars on the back of the Twizy for my next mod - just for kicks when I put the Slicks on Hehehehe

(Kenneth) #57

With such an engine on a Twizy so it should go fast enough :-))))))) but maybe not as environmentally friendly


Nice Kenneth :blush: are you getting your box to accelerate like that bwahahahahah :heart_eyes: next firmware upgrade right?

(Michael Nilsson) #59

Nice! I wonder what the effect would be if a “kit” like that was used in a commuter Twizy… Starting up at home at 06:00 in the morning… Arriving at work… :wink:

(Leccy) #60

I’d be interested in buying one but I don’t seem to be able to send PMs.

Is this because I’m new.