How to make super fast twizy


(David Bevan) #61

keeping electric, what about something like this?

obviously a different battery will be needed.

on a side note, i love your twizy!! home made bodykit or did you manage to convince renault to sell you a kit?

(Paul Chapman) #62

x2 - with powerbox on Max I love the acceleration and the top speed on the Motorway of generally 60ish MPH is more than enough knowing that the brakes are not brilliant if I need to hit them hard in an emergency

(Phil Gardner) #63

IPPE - I’m sure you’ve seen this as it was posted on another thread somewhere on the Forum, but this was from a PB’d Twizy on a local (trusted) rolling road dyno. No reason not to believe it.

Hope this helps!

(Gary Garabedian) #64

@ak0001 I have anquestion, how did you add the auto open door feature. I’m realy curious and thinking of getting it too.


I think the ‘TN’ value is a potential reason not to.

(Frank Demes) #66

Could you elaborate ? :wink:

What does the integration time constant say about the graph?

(The Swedish Pro Privat) #67

@ak0001 How much did the kit cost, just curious :hugs: might be buying one in the future!

(Mohamedali Rashid) #68

hey bro where may i get same body kit please

(Mohamedali Rashid) #69

please how can i get this

(Mohamedali Rashid) #70

@ak0001please i want to buy this kit please help me

(John Wilson) #71


just Message Kenneth on Facebook

(Christopher Smith) #72

Well I can help you design a more powerful ev set up and would you have a problem going AWD

(Christopher Smith) #73

This is an advert for mainly USA users.

I have been designing powerful ev builds for about three years and a good way to make it work is to do three major things 1. Gut the stock system it’s junk. 2. Check with they have every thing to make it happen. 3. Direct drive less power loss than going with a trans or gearbox and think about going AWD. If you have any questions please let me know

(osbrook) #74

Not sure that is helpful as the Twizy is already open source and you are offering nothing but parts for USA users. Converting a Twizy to AWD isn’t that easy with the space available. Now if you offered a direct battery replacement at a competitive price, I think you would be swamped with orders from around the world.

(Christopher Smith) #75

Well the design I have for the AWD is simplified by using a single high power motor directly powering a rear differential and a front differential via a carbon prop shaft I have a total design including cad drawings of the working idea and all the parts for it are able to be found world wide

(Kuki Bajker) #76

When talking about Twizy’s battery I don’t understand something… It’s 58V, 6,1 kWh 100kg piece… Worth 4500€ (by Renault) In the same amount of space it can be done little lighter, more powerfull and with doubled range for cca 2500€,

(Peter) #77

I guess things have moved on since the Twizy first came out

As I understand it the Twizy is pretty much unchanged since it’s initial release.

(osbrook) #78

The Twizy battery is also in a big heavy box compared to other EV’s. As with other things Power to weight comes into it. The Battery box would appear lighter if the battery within was a higher capacity.

The Twizy design must be getting on for 10 years old now. So things do move on.but obviously no enough for replacements to be come available.