How to manually unlock the parking brake


(Christian) #1

(osbrook) #2

Although nice to know, now anyone can move my Twizy.
Perhaps this should be a subscription only video?

(Christian) #3

For security reasons, I have removed this video…

!HELP! for Dashboard Light
(osbrook) #4

Thanks Christian, that is possibly a good idea. If any one want to know how to do it ask here and Christian, I or any one that saw the video will DM the details (exchange emails and Christian may be able to email the Video).

(mender) #5

Good solution all round-useful for owners to know, not for thieves!

Well sorted out!

(charbo) #6

Hi, I need to know how to do this, how can I get in touch?

(Paul Chapman) #7

Hi guys, interesting thread, I remember on the test drive having to do something before releasing the hand brake, but didn’t realise that you cannot do that normally. Nice that it has this added security feature I suppose, but can think of times you might want to move the car around without getting in and starting it up

(Sophie) #8

Hi Osbrook
I’d be grateful if you could send me details
I have been trawling through the Twizy owners website today and writing in the back of my handbook anything that might be of use…would like to add this to my collection. I need the info BEFORE I have a problem rather than afterwards! Many thanks…my email is [email protected]

(osbrook) #9

Sent a DM. This shouldn’t be needed as it happens when the 12v battery is discharged. Easier to “JumpStart” the 12v battery and use handbrake as designed

(Paul ) #10

I wouldn’t make me knowing too please as last year my key ignition barrel seized up and could not move the vehicle into the truck properly.


(Martin Lynch) #11

May I have a copy too please !


Hi Osbrook,

would highly appreciate if you could please also send me the video for to remove the hand brake lock via PM (to [email protected]).

Thanks a ton

(osbrook) #13

The handbrake only need to be manually unlocked for two reasons

  1. to steel a Twizy
  2. the 12V battery has died and there is no way to ‘jump’ start it.

No. 1 is why it is not on the site.

@AndiEcker - if you are having issues with the Handbrake light and thus the warning beep going off when you remove the handbrake then it is a simple matter of repositioning the handbrake switch to over the handbrake level up under the dash .

(Niklas persson) #14

Hey, So my handbrake has started acting up. Sometimes when i have parked it wont release (solenoid issue i think)

In the beginning all i had to do was raise it all the way to the max and then it would Always click out if ignition was on. But not anymore.

I really need that video or instructions in a DM