How to replace the 12v battery


(Peter) #1

I recently needed to replace my Twizy’s 12v battery and after not finding any clear guides on how to thought I’d write one myself.

I suspected the battery was at fault as the Twizy wasn’t ‘starting’ properly. I was having to turn the Twizy on then wait for a while before starting. Also the sidelights and hazard warning lights barely worked after just a few days without use.

The only tools required for the job are a 10mm socket / spanner and a T30 driver. A wire brush may also be necessary to clean the connections.

The battery is mounted at the front of the Twizy, behind the lower panel where the number plate is usually mounted. The panel is simply unclipped after removing the two bolts underneath.

This reveals the location of the battery.

The negative lead must then be disconnected before removing the securing bracket.

The positive lead can then be disconnected and the old battery withdrawn.

It may be necessary to clean the battery connections with a wire brush (I used a mini drill).

Refitting is a reverse of removal: Position new battery, connect positive lead, fit securing bracket, connect negative lead and refit negative cover. Whilst in there I gave everything a wipe down before refitting.

Here’s a link to the replacement battery I bought.

I can highly recommend the battery shop, who promptly delivered the battery the next day.

The photos below show the new and old batteries and their measured voltages.

I’m pleased to be able to say that after replacing the 12v battery my Twizy now starts as soon as the key is turned!


(Lloyd Edwards) #2

Great ‘How To’ with pics…cheers Peter :+1: .

(Pacman42) #3

Great instructions.

When opening up, did you by any chance happen to also see how the incoming power is connected to the charger?

I am planning to connect an air heater so that the vehicle is frost free after parking. To do that I would like to steal 230V from the incoming spiral cable where it is connected. I’ve tried to see if this is possible without a lot of dismantling, but it is not possible.

(Peter) #4

Unfortunately not.

From what I remember the charging cable disappears further back.

(Pacman42) #5

Ok, thanks anyway.