Important info to OVMS,Elia and Powerbox users


(Kenneth) #21

Hi @Aquiperez I’ve just sent you an email :slight_smile:

(Richard) #22

I wondered, have any Powerbox users lost the ability to Tune their Twizy following a Renault Service?

(Kenneth) #23

I have not heard from my customers that this has happened to any of them yet :slight_smile:

(Paul Chapman) #24

Thats good news at least - I am sure that they would be in touch

(Marius Vangen) #25

I also want to add. (And Kenneth you are welcome to comment on this) :
If you get your ecu/controll unit changed, it will contain the new software, and you can’t use your desired power box.
I know this first hand as a worker for a Renault dealership. I learned this from Kenneth after trying to tune my colleagues car. He’s car had a fault with the speed sensor. But the ecu got changed in the process of fixing it.

(Kenneth) #27

Yes this is correct. if your ECU (Sevcon controller) is replaced with a new controller then you will get the one that has the new firmware.

A motor controller is not a regular storage item, so it is most likely to be ordered when they need them. And then you get one with the new firmware installed.

(Roberto) #29


Kenneth is possible speak with you??, please, give me your email.


(James Cook) #30

@Royro you can direct message Kenneth through this site. No need for emails.

(Kenneth) #31

Sure @Royro if you like you can contact me at [email protected] or send me a PM message here on the forum