Install door to Twizy without doors

(Aneta Sroka) #1

I wanted to describe how to put a car door without a door. It’s not like Renault says it will not work!
All fixings and handles are prepared in every vehicle under the door.
Parts needed:
2 complete doors
2 mini windows clear
2 mirrors
Mechanism with gas spprings
2 painted bottom plastic
2 painted plastic on lock side
2 painter arround the glass
2 fixing gas springs
A lot of time :slight_smile:

All this I bought from: Luka Djuraskovic

(Aneta Sroka) #2

I am very happy with the purchase.
My twizy with the door

(askho) #3

Wow !! That looks really technical. I think that’s beyond most of us.
Congratulations. Well done.

(Roel) #4

You did a good job!


(Aneta Sroka) #5

Thank You :slight_smile:

(alex) #6

SWEET! So IT IS possible to add doors on a doorless TWIZY! :heart_eyes:
How much did it cost to add all those parts? You didn’t have to craft anything didn’t you…just buying parts and install them right?

(Aneta Sroka) #7

Yes. It cost me 500 euros.

(osbrook) #8

As you have seen it can be done if you can get the parts, probably from a written off Twizy. It’s not simple and much easier to buy one with doors. The chances of finding a Twizy with all the door parts for both sides in tact are very slim.

You will need a few basic skills and plenty of time to do it.

(Mr Madgames) #9

Hello, I’m really impressed by the work you’ve done!! I would like to do the same for my twizy. Can I have your email to get some help from someone who already installed doors on a twizy.

If you’re willing to help me a bit more via emails and answering questions I would be more than happy.

Please contacte me via my mail : [email protected]

Thanks in advance

(Albertosedits) #10

where do you buy the doors from

(osbrook) #11

Scrap yard or direct from Renault but good luck with that.

(Aneta Sroka) #12

I buy the doors from one of the evowners users Luka Djuraskovic

(Alexandru Ionut Ancuta) #13

Hey, guys! Do you have any idea where I can find some twizy doors?

(osbrook) #14

Not very easy to retro fit. It’s not like they just bolt on, the wing mirror needs to be removed and the ghe whole hinge mechanism needs to be installed. I thin there are some more instructions on the German site you may want to read those as well as the ones above before going down this route.

Unless you are just replacing broken ones.