Insurance denied

My Insurance company (L.V=) has just informed me that due to a change of policy they will no longer insure my Twizy. Any ideas where I should go from here for insurance?

Admiral appear to understand the battery rental. They are very poor on the renewal price unless you ring them up and complain.

Not saying they are the best but they are an option.

Yes, I have rung them up and complained, but they say, “Change og Policy”, no more Twizy’s. so the search is on for a friedly insurer.

So Admiral have stopped insuring Twizys? Looks like I will need to shop about then.

I always used Admiral. But that was 6 years ago so not sure about now. I currently use Hastings Direct for my Smart EV.

I took insurance with admiral 3 days ago.
Very competitive price wise on a new customer basis.

Oh no!

I insure both my Twizy and TTS with LV on a multi car policy.

I’ve got 5 months left until renewal.

I’ll be interested in who you go with and how the prices compare as it sounds likely I’ll have the same problem.

I have just insured mine last week through Churchill,my own insurance company refused aswell

I have my Twizy and Smart ED with LV also , guess i’ll be looking elsewhere.

Just renewed my insurance on the Twizy with Admiral on our multi-car policy, only £190. Esure were £3 cheaper but wouldn’t insure our BMW. I had one quote of over £600 just for the Twizy for 2000 miles per annum! It pays to shop around…

SUCCESS. I have found a brker who likes Twizt’s. I contacted Sam at ‘Plug Insurance’ (01 530 270574) and got a very reasonable quote. You could mention Fizgog to him.

I have used Adrian Flux for the past 3 years and found them very cheap

Could it be as silly as Renault no longer selling the Twizy as a battery rental and this has triggered something in the insurance company database?

I think this could be exactly the reason. All of a sudden the insurance company is liable for battery faults that result in damage etc.

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