Insurance renewal


I have received my insurance renewal from Admiral and again they are trying to increase the Premium by nearly one hundred GBP to a total of 668.20 GBP.

I had enough of having to haggle again but keep paying more and more every year when I have a clean license, etc…

Am I really paying too much and if so can any of the UK owners recommend an insurance with a more competitive rate? I have looked at some older topics on insurances and the same names seem to come again and again.

I can only insure one vehicle so it won’t be a multiple cars cover but really would like to pay less.



Where do you live with premiums like that? I too have to haggle with Admiral but it’s still a fraction in £200. But I’m old.

Thanks Osbrook,

Holding on at 54 and in west London Hillingdon / Middlesex. Relatively safe area with off street parking.

My wife’s Fiat Panda was half the price and I’m paying less than £400 for my 2009 Transporter T5 campervan in near mint condition valued at £19.000.

Difficult to believe the Twizy is now more than £4000